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    DIY Tank Decor

    I currently own a tank that's LxWxH 42x24x48 inches. It is split roughly in half with two levels. Unfortunately she primarily only uses the upper level and a middle level that splits the ramps due to the lower level not being as warm or decorated. I dont have any current pictures right now but...
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    Egg Laying

    My beardy is a little over 3yo now, and has laid eggs three times in 2021. I don't recall when the first batch was, but the second and third batches were on October 28 and November 30. Is it normal to lay 20 some eggs on two days so close to each other? They're not fertile as she hasn't mated...
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    I am slightly concerned about my beardy's eyesight although Im not sure if it's an eyesight issue, a learned behavior, or me simply overthrinking. Her two favorites are crickets and blueberries, but it seems that she either wont eat outside of her tank or that she needs the heavy lighting of...
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    My 2.5yo female beardy just laid 5-6 infertile eggs. She did not show any difference in behavior or an intent to dig prior to this. Is there anything i should do? Any concerns?
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    Tail rot, scab, or poop?

    Additionally she drank too much water during her bath today and was regurgitating undigested food from yesterday. She's a little over 2 years old and her basking temp is between 100-105. Is this a pressing concern right now or just watch her going forward so it doesnt happen again? I baited her...
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    I know breeding leatherbacks and silkies can cause health issues for them, however I was curious about whether or not breeding things like zero, witblits, and weros can cause issues for them? I was also wondering if weros always have black eyes or if the ones Ive seen were simply translucent...
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    Going outside

    If they get stressed when taken outside, should you even bother trying to acclimate them to going outside or leave them in the comfort of what they're used to? I've taken my girl out a few times and she just hunkered down in the grass or crawled back up to my neck.
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    Discolored foot

    Could someone give their thoughts on this? I'm not sure if this is shedding or something abnormal, but her one foot has been a different color as shown above for awhile. When she sheds normally, her scales become duller rather than brighter/diff color. That foot is the only splotch that is like...
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    First Snek

    I'm doing research around the possibility of getting a snake. I've two questions to start off but will likely add more later, anyways: 1. Does anyone have recommendations on snek species that feed on something other than rodents or lizards? I could 100% feed a snek anything else but not...
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    At what point would you start transitioning bearded dragons from two insect feedings per day to one, and one per day to not a daily feeding with more emphasis on greens? I'm hoping it won't hurt for a 2 year old to cut back a little bit on insects because every order Ive had online or from...
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    Wall Running

    As long as I've had my beardy, she's had an obsession with running against walls. In her earlier glass tank, the assumption was her reflection or some other stress causing glass surfing. But it doesn't matter whether she's in a 20 gallon, 200 gallon, or a 20ft by 20ft room... When she's active...
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    How frequent can the "occasional" hornworm treat be?
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    Do females go into heat?

    Main question is in the header. Over the past few days, the behavior in my girl has drastically changed. She's normally pretty content just basking all day aside from going to eat/poop, but for several days now she's been running nonstop from 9am until 3pm. She's actually managed to severely...
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    Cleaning Tank

    Awhile back, I switched over to using sealed mortar for both base of tank and hides/stuff to climb on... but I havent found a good way to clean it yet. Ive mostly spot cleaned with a sponge but that obviously wont disinfect, and there's spots where I simply cant get the poop completely out just...
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    Coughing (?) She's done this once before (original post) to which a vet within the family said it was the start of an RI. At the time it only happened for about four hour one day, and it didnt happen again... the vet still had her on antibiotics for...
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    At what age do beardies generally stop growing? Ive taken monthly length measurements but only recently started weighing her when she had the run in with a RI. She's 17 months old as of 25/01/2020. She weighed 330g on 18/11/2019 She weighed 340g on 06/12/2019 She weighed 378g on 19/01/2020 She...
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    Dubia:cricket ratio

    Quite often people mention that a dubia is 3, 5, or 8 crickets worth nutritionally but to the extent of my knowledge this would be referring to adult dubia vs adult cricket? How would a 1/2" dubia compare to a 1/2" cricket nutritionally?
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    Not Basking

    My beardy started off well with the new tank for quite awhile. She's eating fine, she's moving around, she doesnt have any stress marks, and she was basking previously. However, she stopped basking in the last couple of days. She has a gradient of 70F to 110F, so its not a matter of incorrect...
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    Preferred Temps

    Is it normal for bearded dragons to prefer temperatures in the 90s as opposed to 100-110? I've found that since going back in her new tank she has been using the spots around 90-95F rather than 100-110F (measured via temp gun and thermometer).
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    UVB Meter

    Does anyone know where to purchase a more affordable UVB meter? I understand you get what you pay for, but $140 to $220 (or more) is quite a bit. :?
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