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  1. AFirst-TimeLizardOwner

    My bearded dragon just regurgitated everything he ate yesterday

    He doesn't look very good and he didn't sleep last night. I don't think it's overfeeding because he's trying to eat his barf. Recently he also had urate with reddish crystals in it (fresh). Does he have a parasite????
  2. AFirst-TimeLizardOwner

    Reddish urate..?

    I was celebrating my birthday away from home, so I gave him dry food and plenty of crickets for the 2 days, and when i returned I noticed fresh urate + poop but the urate was a light orange and had what appeared to be red crystals/red spots on it. I checked on him and he was aggravated, though...
  3. AFirst-TimeLizardOwner

    My beardie was really angry when I tried to feed him???

    I didn't know if this was supposed to go into health, feeding, or behavior, but it is technically a behavior problem?? Every morning, an hour after his lights turn on, I place crickets into his enclosure. This morning, during his usual times, he was sitting in his cave, beard slightly puffed out...
  4. AFirst-TimeLizardOwner

    Needing help with feeding.

    I've been directly feeding him (for a while now) and I'm starting to notice him still being hungry, even after being fed. Do I need bigger crickets, since he's been getting bigger (he's a baby.) maybe he needs a lot of energy from food to grow? I don't really know. I'm planning to bathe him to...
  5. AFirst-TimeLizardOwner

    My bearded dragon just ate his own poop-

    I was playing a game, and noticed he was hungry, and then he ATE POOP. Like, it was on the floor, dried because I forgot to clean his cage, and he just ate it. Will he be okay or..?
  6. AFirst-TimeLizardOwner

    Beardie shedded, do I do anything like bathe him???

    So my beardie shedded while I was at school (I can tell that it was recent, there's shed everywhere.) and I was wondering if I'm supposed to like bathe him... or clean up the shed... or will he just like eat it? Idk, my name says my experience with this. He's too cranky to pick up right now.
  7. AFirst-TimeLizardOwner

    Is my beardie shedding, or is there an issue?

    My beardie has had this strange tail thing, it looked a little lighter at first, but now it looks sorta the color of a shed??? Idk how to explain it, like orange grey with the pattern he has. I can't take a picture atm, but I found this image that sorta looks like it rn. I don't know if this was...
  8. AFirst-TimeLizardOwner

    Tips on getting my beardie to be calm?

    I've had him for almost 2 months, but he still seems to be scared by my hand. I'm handling him less and only taking him out to clean stuff and get crickets out from his cave since they get stuck behind there. My brother opened the cage and handled him roughly while I was having a sleepover with...
  9. AFirst-TimeLizardOwner

    need advice about my enclosure

    so i got a baby beardie for christmas (ive been asking for years and my parents got a promotion) and i need some enclosure advice. he for some reason is near the window and staring at the curtains often. one time i was getting some water when i woke up and noticed he was pressed on the window...
  10. AFirst-TimeLizardOwner

    my boy pepper

    pepper be my baby beardie his designated bathroom is his hammock favorite veggie is dandelion greens favorite food is mealworm his favorite spot is at the top of the hammock likes to chase his reflection this is him, on his cleaned hammock before he pooped all over it: his name is pepper...
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