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  1. Aaradimian

    Special needs beardie?

    Hi all, So, "Otto the Silly" just saw the copy of the Beautiful Bearded Dragons calender I got my wife for Christmas... and promptly black bearded and started head bobbing at the Feb cover models. In the spirt of today's bubble-wrap-the-world zeitgeist, may I suggest to the fine folks who...
  2. Aaradimian

    Post-brumation poop. Healthy?

    Hi all, Sorry, gross pic alert! I think our guy Otto may finally be coming out of brumation. For two days in a row, he's shown up for a little while, basked, and eaten a few bugs/greens. He also left a massive pile for us, and am just wondering if this is normal for beardies. We'll...
  3. Aaradimian

    Bothering brumating dragons

    Hi all, There's a bit of discussion at my house over how often we should have our 2 brumating dragons out. I'm under the impression that they should be taken out only occasionally to weigh them and see if they want water, but they have ended up out every few days, mostly because people miss...
  4. Aaradimian

    Super honey

    I often see unpasteurized honey touted on this forum as a good, safe choice for our beardie friends' wound care needs. It seems that some Australian ones might be especially useful for that according to this article...
  5. Aaradimian

    Total unfairness!

    So, one fine evening recently, both our dragons decided that brumation was a thing to do, completely ignoring the impact it would have on their human family who misses them terribly and is going through big time beardie withdrawl! For those of you with multiple dragons, have you ever had them...
  6. Aaradimian

    Land o' Leezards!

    It's always sad to leave our little friends on vacation, but at least on this one to the Galápagos my wife and I had a pacifier :lol: This fella is a marine iguana. They're around 1 m long and as you can see, there are piles of them! When they swim up out of the ocean, they're like a mini...
  7. Aaradimian

    Happy World Lizard Day!

    Who knew? To all the dragon (and other) lizard lovers out there, Otto and Helmut wish you a happy one!
  8. Aaradimian

    An interesting page on morphs

    This was an interesting guide to morphs. I hadn't heard of the genetic stripe variety!
  9. Aaradimian

    Otto and the cat tree

    My 1.5 y.o. finally noticed his cat tree after 6 months of it being in his cage, and he's been vamping it up the past 2 days trying to make up for lost time. In his first "dismount", he landed on the side of his food dish, flipping the entire contents the length of his viv. catapult style. Here...
  10. Aaradimian

    A note about UV fall-off

    Hi all, I have been following the forum for quite some time and was under the impression that I had things pretty well sorted in terms of light, heat, and UV. My smaller dragon is in a 50 gal tank with a Reptisun 10.0 tube mounted under the screen with no plastic cover and a reflector. My...
  11. Aaradimian

    Hair, feathers, scales and... beardies!

    Our little friends apparently helped scientists discover that hair, feathers, and scales all evolved out of the same thing!
  12. Aaradimian

    Hopefully adding a smile

    Hi all, I usually check the forum in the morning when I get into work to see what's happening in the world of beardies. This morning, I noticed a couple of sad posts about discarded dragons and people who have recently lost their little friends, so I thought I'd post a happy pic of my...
  13. Aaradimian

    Semi-brumation or problem?

    Hi everyone, So my beardie Otto went into brumation in Nov. and slept on & off until early Feb. when he started coming out of it. He lost a small amount of weight, but nothing alarming, so we figured everything was good. However, his appetite never returned to pre-brumation levels, though he is...
  14. Aaradimian

    Morphs, colors, and patterns

    Hi all, I found this really good article about all the different varieties of beardie out there & thought I'd share. Now you too can identify a hypo het trans witblit like a pro! :)
  15. Aaradimian

    How do you open a beardie's mouth?

    Hi, I didn't post this in ER because it's not an emergency, but my recent adoptee Helmut got his first checkup and has pinworms and an over-abundance of amoebas according to the lab report. They prescribed 2 oral meds and I'm trying to figure out how to get him to open up. He's smaller &...
  16. Aaradimian

    Thought I'd share

    The reptile shop where I get my dubias just moved to a bigger location and they got in a pretty nice selection of critters, including dragons. I had never seen a "zero" in person before, but wow! Way too rich for my blood, but for *only* $399.00 US this little beauty could be someone's! :blob5:
  17. Aaradimian

    Air temperature

    Hi, I have been able to get the basking spot for my dragons to around 105 F/40 C, but what should I shoot for as an air temperature inside the enclosure during the day when all the lights are on? At night, air temps dip down to around 65 F/18 C, but they're not much warmer during the day...
  18. Aaradimian

    Here's Helmut!

    Hi all, This little guy was a rescue from what the previous owners told me. Bad conditions, poor food, little love or care; the sad usual. They're not sure how old he is, but they did right by him and got him to the point where they felt he could go to a loving home... which he now has! He...
  19. Aaradimian

    Ot's new home

    Hi all, I converted an old built-in shelf to hold my dragon Otto because he'd outgrown his 50 gal. tank, and would be interested to see what you guys think. The total height excluding drawers is 40", it's around 4' wide and 3' deep. I have the 2 75W basking bulbs over the log and his rock...
  20. Aaradimian

    Socializing beardies

    Hi all, For those of you with more than one dragon, do you try to get them together so that they at least tolerate one another's presence (or possibly even become friends)? I have seen plenty of pictures of multiple beardies together, but I also know you shouldn't house them together because...
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