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    Could this be this start of tail rot?

    The tip of my beardie’s tail has looked different recently. Up until today, she had a black sand-size dot at the tip and it is no longer there. Her tip just doesn’t look normal to me. I am just worried it could be the start of something serious. Thoughts?
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    Scale came off that was not ready.

    So I was handling by beardie and one thing led to another. A lone scale that was in the process of shedding came off and it clearly was not ready. Attached is the result. Should I be worried? What can I do to make sure no further damage or risk to her health happens?
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    How much time should an almost 12 month old bearded dragon bask?

    I ask as mine is either stubborn or she is going through a change. I’m sure adults don’t need to bask as long, so wanted to ask and see an average of how many hours. Currently, she is alternating between hiding under her hammock on the warm side, spending time on the cool side and basking first...
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    Brownish substance between urate and poop

    So I just noticed the attached brown substance between the urate and poop. I haven’t noticed this before. Should I be concerned? my bearded dragon does have an already scheduled vet appointment tomorrow for her yearly check-up. I also just now took the fecal portion to her vet for an already...
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    Should I be worried about this scale on Ziggy’s belly?

    Thank you in advance.
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    T5 Fixtures, which one of the two

    So I currently use this style fixture and it’s positioned towards the back of the enclosure (as you can see from the photo). I am looking at potentially getting this style fixture and mounting in more towards the center of the habitat screen (see yellow rectangle on photo). My question is what...
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    Deep Heat Projectors

    Finding myself going down a rabbit hole of information; so I figured I would just ask here. My main reason for asking is when I got Ziggy back in June of 2021, I went with zoo med bulbs which I learned eventually where a waste of money. I have had my 3rd bulb stop working and am looking to...
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    Spending time on the cool side and can’t figure out why

    So my beardie, Ziggy (10 months old) has now done this twice in the last 4 months and I can’t figure out why. Ziggy is spending all day on the cool side of the habitat, where there isn’t much UVB, not wanting to bask. She will bask first thing in the morning for about 1 hour and move to the...
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    Is low humidity an issue, provided other needs are met?

    So my habitat for Ziggy is an 8’x 2’x 2’ Zen Habitat enclosure and humidity on the hot side is as low as 18-20% and on the cool side with live plants is 28%. Ziggy doesn’t get stuck shed as I bathe her. She is properly hydrated with her diet (you can tell by her bowel movements) and overall she...
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    Hornworms have bright green liquid coming out

    So I was feeding my beardie hornworms today, as it’s all she will eat at this given moment. In the process of doing so their normal clear liquid that comes out from them was bright green. Now I have been feeding the hornworms collard greens and bell peppers since I got them yesterday, this has...
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    Dubia roach colony

    I just set up my dubia roach colony. It’s a 30 gallon container. I decided to go with a CHE as I already had it and I feel safe leaving it on all day. Plus the 2 under tank heaters I tried didn’t get hot enough. The temp on the top of the egg drags gets 90-95°F and humidity is around 46% on...
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    Looking for insight on my beardies random eating habits

    So my beardie, Ziggy, has done this twice now and I’m am curious if this is just how beardies can be, or if there is something more. Ziggy normally loves to devour dubia roaches, they are her favorite. Recently, for the 2nd time in just a few months, she will refuse to eat them. She just...
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    Beardie keeps “glass surfing” and is restless

    Over the last few days my bearded dragon (Ziggy, 9 months old) keeps glass surfing and trying to scratch her way out of her habitat. When she was shedding this made sense because she was trying to shed obviously. She is completely done now (expect a piece on her tail) that we are working on...
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    I am almost certain my baby dragon is trying to brumate

    I am almost certain my baby dragon is trying to brumate. Ziggy is going on 6 months and ever since I moved Ziggy into their new habitat, they haven’t been the same. At first I assumed it was just adjusting to the new habitat. Now I am not so sure. Its been over 3 weeks since I relocated Ziggy...
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    5 month old dragon won’t bask until the evening

    Hi! So my beardie is finally settling in for the most par to their new/permanent enclosure. The only thing that is weird is they don’t really bask until later afternoon/evening. Being ~5 months I assume they still need a lot of heat. Example: Ziggy wakes up when their lights go on and will...
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    Considering Placing Live Beardie Safe Plants in Habitat

    I would like to add some live beardie safe plants into my dragon’s habitat. I don’t have a bioactive enclosure so the plants will be potted in small ceramic pots if I go this route. Looking to see what, If anything, others have done. I know I will need an LED grow light in addition to my...
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    Beardie seems zoned out after relocating

    I relocated by bearded dragon, Ziggy (~5 months old) into their new/permanent habitat 2 days ago. Their new home is 8 feet by 2 feet by 2 feet. Overall they seem in good spirit and health. I have never seen Ziggy explore their habitat like this or be so active before so that’s good. They have...
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    Need Help Getting Heat Right for 8x2x2

    So I finally got my two 4x2x2 Zen Habitats put together using their extension kit. I haven't moved my bearded dragon (~5 months old), Ziggy, in yet as I am trying to get the heat right. It has proven extremely hard to heat an 8 foot by 2 foot by 2 foot habitat. The habitat is in my finished...
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    Bearded dragon head head under water

    So I gave my bearded dragon, Ziggy, a soak as they decided to walk through their poop. I had Ziggy in my hand and about 8 inches from their soaking tub, they slipped out of my hands head first into the water. Should I worry about water in their nose? Will they get sick from it? Thanks for any...
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    Only half dozen pinworm eggs

    So my bearded dragon got their 2nd fecal test back and it showed only about half a dozen pinworms eggs. I haven’t been able to talk about to the vet as they are out of town and missed their first call. They did say it wasn’t anything to worry about because of the small amount. Since I can’t talk...
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