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  1. loljelloclowdz

    Dig box, so many options, where, how big and substrate?

    I just need to say, DO NOT USE GREEN FLEECE! Mari ate a giant strip of green fabric while she was roaming and walked past my sewing stuff when I wasn’t looking because she thought it was a vegetable. (1000 IQ there.) I had to rush her to the emergency vet on the other side of my state because...
  2. loljelloclowdz

    I need a hotter lamp

    This feels like a total steal, I can’t believe pet companies charge $22 for the same concept. (I can always raise this if it’s too hot.)
  3. loljelloclowdz

    I need a hotter lamp

    Also just to clarify, yes she has a T8 18” reptisun tube mounted UNDER the screen. That’s UVB though, right now I’m focused on getting her heat lamp issue fixed.
  4. loljelloclowdz

    I need a hotter lamp

    I moved Mari into her big new Carolina Custom enclosure but the problem is that the temps are way too low on the warm side (only about 78) because it’s a huge enclosure and needs way more wattage. My question is this: is it better to get a short, wide dome or a tall dome? I’ll go to Home Depot...
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    If your pet is having an emergency, GO TO AN EMERGENCY VET THAT SEES THAT SPECIES OF ANIMAL. It breaks my heart that not enough vet clinics exist to help our birds and reptiles, but it is the only thing you can really do for them to avoid complications. I recently lost my cockatiel Kiwi...
  6. loljelloclowdz

    Looks comfy…

    Mari, I have no clue how that’s comfy. (The gaping hole in the enclosure is because of the uvb light! Apparently it disintegrates the particular plastic that her tarp is made from. She got a Carolina custom enclosure for Christmas but it’s super heavy and has to be set up at my grandma’s as...
  7. cuddle time with Mari

    cuddle time with Mari

  8. R o u n d

    R o u n d

  9. Her very own shelf

    Her very own shelf

  10. Majestic lizard

    Majestic lizard

  11. Gonna stand on the hammock for no reason

    Gonna stand on the hammock for no reason

  12. 🥺


  13. loljelloclowdz

    I don’t know what to do with my beardie

    My cockatiel is absolutely scared of everything except for my mom and me. I think it’s honestly a personality thing because she doesn’t like toys, playgrounds for birds, nesting materials, or bird harnesses. She gets super stressed easily and we have to be careful not to overstimulate her. If he...
  14. loljelloclowdz

    Am I cruel for this?

    Today is Mari’s birthday but I was at school all day so I’m not telling her happy birthday today until tomorrow & I’m gonna pretend tomorrow is her birthday. Is this cruel? 😂 I feel a bit mean for doing that but I’d rather celebrate her birthday on a day when I’m not in class all day and...
  15. loljelloclowdz

    Ancestor to all lizards

    It’s funny to think the owner of that skull may possibly still have descendants alive today. The probability of it is low (most wild animals get killed before reproducing) but it’s possible lol.
  16. loljelloclowdz

    Eyeball bone!

    I was studying for my exam tomorrow about lepidosaurs and I noticed a tiny detail on one of the tuatara skulls I’m supposed to study. I noticed it had a ring-like bone where the eye belongs so I did some research and it turns out our little beardie buddies also have this bone along with birds...
  17. loljelloclowdz's Legacy Uploads

    loljelloclowdz's Legacy Uploads

  18. loljelloclowdz

    Prolapse after-care?

    It was her actual rectum, like a tube of bright red intestine. (Hence why I jumped in the car in my pajamas to get her help. I was mainly worried about it desiccating so I had her under a blanket to try to keep humidity up.) Mari got the felt while roaming when I wasn’t looking as I had my craft...
  19. loljelloclowdz

    Prolapse after-care?

    Sorry, it’s been a week but Mari has been totally back to normal and even took a well-hydrated poop on my floor while roaming. (And got it on her a bit… washing poo off of the skin surrounding her vent was disgusting but she’s all clean now and making a -_- look at me because she wants to be...
  20. loljelloclowdz

    Prolapse after-care?

    NOTE: MARI WAS ALREADY TREATED BY A VET, SHE’S FINE NOW, I CAUGHT IT JUST AS IT HAPPENED AND TOOK HER STRAIGHT TO THE VET. (I looked homeless as I was in my pajamas with unbrushed hair and was covered in beardie poop but my pet is okay so it was 11/10 worth it. My pets are literally the most...
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