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    Should i be concerned about this spot?

    My dragons tail has been like this for a while and I thought it was shed but it hasn’t came off yet. I made a post of it a little while ago it hasn’t changed much but starting to get worried about it. He is still eating and drinking just fine.
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    Help my dragon ate plastic!!

    My bearded dragon got a hold of a fake fishing lure and ate a piece of it. The piece wasn’t very big but i’m worried it’ll hurt him. Any suggestions on what to do?
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    shedding question

    My dragons tail has been like this for a couple of weeks. He is eating and acting normal. Should i be concerned about it?
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    Is my bearded dragon okay?

    My bearded dragon nose recently changed colors just in this one spot. Does anyone know why and is this normal?
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    Tail rot?

    Is this tail rot or is my bearded dragon just shedding? He has a normal appetite but kind of acting sluggish.
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