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    Feeding dubia roaches critical care?

    Has anyone ever tried gutloading dubias with critical care herbivore? I already have a bag of the apple banana flavor for my rabbit and am trying to fatten up some roaches. Seems like it could be a good way to pack them full of vitamins
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    T5 UVB - inside or outside?

    I’m currently debating moving my beardie’s UVB outside the enclosure, because I worry he may be getting too intense of exposure at the moment at the height he likes to climb. I’m using the 24” Zoomed hood and the Arcadia T5 12% bulb, beside a 150w bulb and 80w DHP. Currently, his preferred...
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    4 month old weight progression

    My beardie is 112 days old and today hit 40 grams so just under 4 months and I was wondering if that’s normal? 40 seems to be the low end for a 4 month old, but he was also on the low end at 3 months, so maybe he’s just small? He’s active but not a voracious eater. REFUSES to eat his dubias...
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    3 month old beardie difficult eater

    3 weeks ago I got a baby beardie and he’s now almost 3 months at 23.6g, which sounds like it’s on the low end. I’ve been offering dubia roaches but lately he’s been very picky about eating them, only doing so when I tong feed and capping at around 40 a day (won’t eat crickets or hornworms). He...
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