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    hello, so anyways i have two bearded dragons and im asumeing that ones a male and ones a female. i had the so called female at school most of the year then i brought her back. i put them together in one of the cages and they would start to head bob. im not sure if this is a terioral thing or if...
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    new cage :)

    this is my first post that i have added pictures to so im hopeing that it will all go smoothly. but anyways this is the cage a built when i got my second bearded dragon. all it is madeout of is an old cabnit that e had from our kitchen when we remodled it so it worked out good. i took off the...
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    looking for

    Ive been doing tons of reserch on iguanas. i have had many reptiles in the past couple of years and i currently have two bearded dragons. i am interested in purchaseing a baby green iguana! everything about these reptiles interest me and i think im capible of takeing care of one from now to many...
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