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    Brumation - Lights Off?

    Hi - I've had my (aprox.) 5 YO Beardie since Dec. I have a Zen Habitats 4 x 2 x 2 with proper lighting and I use a CHE at night as my house gets down to about 60 at night. My question is... he appears to be brumating (he's been in his hide 24/7, eyes closed on and off) for the last 3-4 weeks. I...
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    Strange Behavior - Help?

    Hi All! I've had my re-homed BD since end of Dec. He is around 5 YO and had a vet checkup in Jan...all good. He really never had calcium, so just last week I started giving him some (dusted his BSFL and salad), and since Saturday he's been acting strange. He's sleeping a lot, and now he's been...
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    Beardie on Antibiotics - Need Advice

    Hi All! My re-homed Beardie had his first vet visit this Monday and it went well. However - she found a little sore in his mouth along his gumline and decided to put him on antibiotcs (Trimethoprim Sulfa Suspension - .13ml once a day). After two doses, half of his beard turned black and stayed...
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    Want a New Enclosure - Recommendations?

    Hi All! I was given an enclosure with my re-homed beardie and I hate it. It's huge, wooden, and I don't think it's set up optimally. I'd love to get a new one, so I'm hoping to hear from a few of you about your personal favorite enclosures based on quality, functionality, and not having to spend...
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    NEW Beardie - A Few Questions

    Hi! I just got a Beardie. He's about 5 years old. I got his enclosure, too, but I had to clean out the sand and put tile down, which I did as soon as I got him. He's been hiding under his stone cave for about 3 days (eats only when put in front of him), so I took the cave out today. He is...
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