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    Lurked the site for awhile and have been MIA for a bit.

    Just wanted to post a pic of Oliver when I first got him in back in July of 2019 and now. His enclosure will be changing soon, I’m going full bioactive. Just need to get the time to do the switch and be home for a few days to make sure everything transitions properly.
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    Herpstat lighting question

    For anyone using a herpstat and use the ramping lighting feature for your UVB, does it ramp down to 0% power (off)? I know it won’t turn them on or off at specific times but does the UVB actually turn off? I’m currently using a WiFi smart plug to get the lighting schedules and it’s been working...
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    questions about my 1st crossfire style enclosure

    Ok so I'm a total n00b at bearded but I'm building my first enclosure. Typical 4x2x2. I had a question about my vent placements. I was orginally going to do a solid roof but now I'm thinking of doing a removable top. I was going to do 4 vents in the top along the entirety and do stainless mesh...
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