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    A baby on the way!

    Sweet I'm really interested to see this one!
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    Feed my beardie geckos?

    LOL :lol:
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    Phoenix worms? Please reply!

    That was extremely helpful information. Thank you for sharing.
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    Worried about Underfeeding/Overfeeding

    So when a dragon reaches adult hood (18 months beyond) how many crickets should he/she be eating. Maybe people who own adult beardies can mention about how much live food they eat?
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    Normal for beardie to just get "moody"? Also Care Opinions.

    I have an eerily similar situation to yours and I'm just now trying to bring my beardie up to speed too. He eats about 35 crickets a day and im going to start giving him more until i find out about many he can eat until he stops. Like you (i think) i wasn't properly informed until i found this...
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    Here is a picture of a female dubia laying an egg sack

    How do you guys heat your colonies. I know people use heating pads but they dont make them anymore unless they are auto shut off.
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    Breeding Dubia Roaches

    I need to get me some roaches soon!
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    Hello from Andy and Berko the Beardie

    wow thanks alot!
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    Hello from Andy and Berko the Beardie

    Good call i just tried it still doesnt seem to work hmmm.
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    Hello from Andy and Berko the Beardie

    Are these Images working for people? If not can somone tell me how to do it?
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    Hello from Andy and Berko the Beardie

    Hello my name is Andy, I have a dragon named Berko and I'm pretty sure he is a boy. He is a foot long and is probably around 10 months old. He doesn't like me very much but we are working on that. I get him out for about 30 mins to an hour each day to try and gain his trust. I got him from...
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    Here is a picture of a female dubia laying an egg sack

    Thanks alot, that is helpful sounds reasonable to me.
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    Here is a picture of a female dubia laying an egg sack

    Im sorry if this was already answered in the 39 pages of posts (admittedly I only read to page 8) how many breeding pairs should I start with for only one dragon that is almost a year old, hes probably any where from 9 to 11 months.
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    Breeding Dubia Roaches

    Dangit I was afraid that would happen! I always try not to repost. Sorry and Thank you!
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    Breeding Dubia Roaches

    Thank you for the reply and advice!
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    Petsmart beardies

    I got my Berko from petsmart and they told me to feed him 4 crickets a day...obviously not enough :roll: They also didn't know how old he was im guessing he was around two or three months old. I would go with a breeder honestly. Thats what I will do with my next purchase.
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    Breeding Dubia Roaches

    Hello, I am slightly new to this forum so as you can imagine I have many questions. I have one bearded dragon named Berko and I think is a male that could be anywhere from eight months to a year old (petsmart doesn't know anything...I mean they told me to feed him four crickets a day!!!!)...
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    Has any one here ordered a viv from BoaMaster?

    Those look nice makes me want to spoil Berko a little.
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    New to the Forum, Looking for help.

    How often is a good amount to be handling Berko daily?
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