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    A Tough Choice...

    take her with you :blob5:
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    i have them in two seperate cages as of right now i never left them in there after there mis-hap hahaha ive tried telling the sexs but havent been able to tell the differences between male and female :banghead:
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    hello, so anyways i have two bearded dragons and im asumeing that ones a male and ones a female. i had the so called female at school most of the year then i brought her back. i put them together in one of the cages and they would start to head bob. im not sure if this is a terioral thing or if...
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    new cage :)

    this is my first post that i have added pictures to so im hopeing that it will all go smoothly. but anyways this is the cage a built when i got my second bearded dragon. all it is madeout of is an old cabnit that e had from our kitchen when we remodled it so it worked out good. i took off the...
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    looking for

    Ive been doing tons of reserch on iguanas. i have had many reptiles in the past couple of years and i currently have two bearded dragons. i am interested in purchaseing a baby green iguana! everything about these reptiles interest me and i think im capible of takeing care of one from now to many...
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    its the heat when u hold him/her the colors changes to well if u pet him that is
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    yah its fine
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    How to prep a log for my beardie's cage?

    what i do for mine is soak it in bleach then scrub it untel u can smell the bleach anymore then let dry somewhere warm or u could bake it
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    Tiny REFUSES to climb anywhere!!!

    well i wouldn't think it matters but i would take some out and lower the ones that are high so he can have easy climbing. hope this helped. MUDCATS70
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    cricket container...

    it really dosn't matter as long as you have a lid. MUDCATS70
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    he is a cute lil buger. MUDCATS70
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    cricket container...

    hey, go to premium and they have some youtube things on what to house them in and everything thats where i go they alright deals there go check it out. hope this helped. MUDCATS70
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    heat pads safe for wood

    hi, I probly would not use it on wood. The only reason is that if you stained it or bought it that way it will get rid of the finish. Hope this helped. MUDCATS70
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    How Old?

    a month or 2 maby not even that fairly young. hope this helped. MUDCATS70
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    Substrate question

    bring the stuff back and get repti-sand or repi-carpet.Hope this Helped. MUDCATS70
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    Questions about substrates

    well i am had the same problem at one time when my bearded dragon was a baby. The pet store have them all on calcium sand witch is extremly bad for reptile witch i think because i used it at first and i noticed my bearded dragon licking the sand. Then i asked my local pet shop what the use and...
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    Live Food

    ya you want to keep the veggies in the viv even thought he might not even touch it but he needs to get used to it for when he/she gets older. MUDCATS70
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    how come my crickets arent growing??

    hey, well i u have the wright size rubber made container for the crickets but you have to have the right temp and the right food witch sound like u have it down. Put the temp to around 85 it has alwyas worked for me. Hoped this helped. MUDCATS70
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    Vivarium size

    hey, what i did for my bearded dragon was keep him in a 20 gallon long until he is about a year old but not much older. Then what i did and what i think is the wright thing is go out a buy a 55 gallon tank and that will suit him/her for life. Hope this helped. MUDCATS70
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    Against PETCO, and any other negligent pet store/chains?!?!?

    Ya, petco what can i say about them. well they are alright when it comes down to reptiles. I think that they are a little lify on the substrate. One time I went in and I noticed that the bearded dragons where on some sort of aspin bedding i talked to one of the workers about it and i don't even...
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