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    might be sick

    Hi. Don't give anymore for now. Better feeders are Phoenix worms, small Dubai depending where you live. Those meal worms can cause impacton .
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    Deformed dragon - the trouble with translucents

    Hi. What is the brand of the uvb ? Is it a T8 or T5? Is there a way you can hang it above and not from the side?
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    Deformed dragon - the trouble with translucents

    Hi. That's a pretty dragon. Can you post a picture of the set up? When did you notice the hump?
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    Too much or too little calcium?

    Hi. Ceramic heat emitters are for night time. Only if your house is 65 or colder. He needs a bright white basking light. Also you want a better uvb light. Reptisun T5 HO. Your uvb does not need to be as long as the tank.
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    Enjoying the warm weather
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    HELP! Don’t know what this is coming out of beardies vent.

    Hi. Looks like a sperm plug. It should come out on it's own.
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    I think my beardie is depressed

    Hi. Can you post a picture of his set up? What are the lights you are using? How are you taking the temps?
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    Beardie not eating much or moving has lots of black mark

    Hi. I'm sorry about your baby, but it looks like he definitely needs a vet visit.
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    Santa, reindeer and Elf
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    Oh no! Poor guy. Did he come with food? What kind of set up does he have? You can get some stage one baby food or get some depth boost. More than likely he is developing mbd. He needs calcium or it will get worse. Also if you don't feel you can take care of him you can surrender him to a animal...
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    destiny1998's Legacy Uploads

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    Bearded Dragon very weak. Small stools now have blood.

    I agree with you on the care part. However you called covid a sham and there are hundreds of thousands of people who's lives it has effectived and I am one. So please next time you want to call it a sham, fake whatever maybe you should save it for a political bolg. I come on here to forget the...
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    Bearded Dragon very weak. Small stools now have blood.

    Tracie I do not feel you bringing in your opinion about covid was necessary.
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    Calling all FEMALE dragon owners - Infertile Egg Poll!

    Mine have been around 4/5 years before they started to lay. Its interesting how nature works.
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    Calling all FEMALE dragon owners - Infertile Egg Poll!

    The fist one Daisy was never around a male and she still laid. So when she passed I bought a male and I have 2 females. They all know each other is there, but never out together. After I bought him my Rosie started laying eggs.
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    Calling all FEMALE dragon owners - Infertile Egg Poll!

    Hi. 3 out of my 4 females have laid. I had a vet tell me that when the females are around other dragons male and female they usually lay. Mine haven't started to lay until later in life. Seems like around 5 years. My old girl laid a clutch of 30ish a few weeks ago. She's 9. It's interesting to...
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    First Time Beardie Owner - Meet Spud`

    Hi. Congratulations on becoming a beardie parent :) I would recommend you replace the uvb light with a reptisun 10.0 t5. Also good greens are collard, mustard, kale etc... Feeders you want live bugs. Like Dubai roaches, silk worms, blsf, super worms, horn worms. Do you have calcium and...
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