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    Baby food chicken

    Hello, I been trying to get protein in my dragons the past few days and will not take it. They run away and jumpy and jumped right out of my hand back on branch. I let them go because I don't want to use pressure and hurt them severe. I peeled the lip down jump a bit and took a little is...
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    Lip sore

    Hi everyone, I am very concerned and don't know how it could of happen. One of my dragons has a peeled over lip right below the right eye. No blood unless it stopped and didn't see it in time. Will that part of the lip fall off and I no the tails don't grow back like iguanas but would a part of...
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    How much does a 7-8 inch baby weight

    Hi i am trying to treat my dragons with reptaid but i need a idea how much grams a between 7-8 inch baby dragon weights. Mainly so i dont overdose them and my gram scale for food is weighting but i get a error everytime i try to weight them. I no nobody will no the exact grams but a between...
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    How to breed superworms

    I have about 20 superworms how would you breed them. Is it easy or smelly just wondering am teying to get plenty of feeders for my dragons. Cause i am having money issues who doesnt and looking for a great way to feed my four dragons. My adult dragon would eat 25 superworms that how i buy them...
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    Adult dubia pair

    I am looking out for a pair of breeding dubias for breeding. I have two dragons that seem to enjoy them very well. So i was trying to get some babies and a adult pair that i heard is a good starter option.
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    20 gallon topper should I or NO

    Hello i have one of my beardies in a 20 gallon long aquarium. I was wondering if i use my Zilla topper with it as dragons dont need high humidity would air circulation help them. Would making the tank bigger promote growing with the dragon. I also could use my 100 watt powersun bulb. My dragon...
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    Things i need to know about baby BD

    What are the main things i need to know and do for 4 month old year 7 inch long dragons. My guys are eating and eat about 40 crickets for both of them and 5 waxworms for both. They hardly touch the greens i dont think they like mustard or collard. My temps are always different 100-111 on basking...
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    My BD look lazy looking

    Both my dragons lay down on the paper towel and look like they have frog legs does this mean MBD. I am not sure they are active running around with there reflection on the glass.
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    question about parasites

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    Cheap feeder sellers online

    I am looking for silkworms, reptiworms, phoenix worms, and crickets online that are very cheap. But can't find any cheap online websites that sell more then a hundred of feeder cups?
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    Hello everyone i have a question i am not sure about i been feeding pinhead crickets to my baby dragons since i bought them. Could i step it up a size to medium. The crickets are a bit bigger then the space between there eyes but on the right track. Also would medium crickets have a hard shell...
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    Sleeping patterns

    Lately i noticed my dragons up way early where there lights wont go on for another five hours. When they sleep am thinking about a seven hour day. Is that ok or should they be sleeping more or longer. Would sun shine though the window be wakeing them up. They should be growing and only grow...
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