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  1. PumpkinPie

    How many roaches a day?

    My Beardie is 7 months old and just recently started growing like crazy. She’s not interested in any veggies or fruits right now no matter what I offer, I’ve even tried the bee pollen sprinkle on it. But she has a very steady diet of 3/4 inch medium Dubia roaches. I feed her twice a day, once in...
  2. PumpkinPie

    Pumpkin Photo Dump

    Meet Pumpkin! I’ve posted before because she was having some health problems, but she’s doing so good now! She’s eating so many bugs and active, getting more and more cuddly! Plus loves posing for pictures! She’s about 5 months now and growing so fast!
  3. PumpkinPie

    Serrapeptase Supplement?

    Hello! I have a liquid form Serrapeptase that I bought online from a reptile store. But I was trying to find a powder form so I could dust his bugs with it easier. I can’t seem to find any made for reptiles in powder form but I found this human supplement that seems pretty natural and has...
  4. PumpkinPie

    Baby Beardie squeak noise?

    I have a 4 month old bearded dragon named Pumpkin. He’s very active and alert, his tank temperature and humidity is perfect, has all the different lighting he needs, and he eats and poops regularly. I also clean his tank regularly. Within the past week he’s started opening his mouth and making a...
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