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    Hi, I have a question so I have a bearded dragon that is about 8 months I feed him crickets, however I want to know if the quantity that I’m giving him is good or not. So I give him 30-35 crickets a day but I have read that you should let them eat whatever they can in 10-15 min however would...
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    Is this uvb okay?

    So I recently got a UVB for my bearded dragon he’s eight months old and his enclosure is Zen habitats PVC panel 48x24x16. The UVB that I got him is: reptisum T5 HO with a 5.0 UVB and it’s 30”. Here is the link of the UVB I got him I just want to...
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    What kind of uvb ?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows if this light (uvb) will work for my bearded dragon he will be in a 48 x 24 x 16 PVC panel reptile enclosure by zen habitats This is the light:
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    Hi, I’ve noticed this yellow color on my bearded dragon, I’m concerned that it might be yellow fungus I am not sure please help!
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