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    18 month old hiding all day

    Hi there; posting here because my anxiety is kicking in a bit and i need some interim advice; i have a vet visit booked Tuesday morning My girl Charlie is 18 months old, and over the last few days shes been hiding all day and not wanting to be out or bask. When i wake her in the morning she...
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    Charlie 1y ago vs today

    Charlie's been in my family a year now and she really just seems to be such a sweet little happy dragon :) some update photos Love her so much!!
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    Beardie Pet Insurance

    Hi all, I live Australia; we've never had any sort of pet insurance for reptiles until very recently; petcover now has health insurance for your beardies if you're here in AU : There's a few quips and caveats (won't cover reproductive disorders like egg binding :(...
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    Guy compares uvb with reader.. thoughts?

    Hi all, I am actually getting my new enclosure today with T5 fitted inside w/reflector- it was on my agenda to upgrade for a long time because my current size is too small and my girl is due for the upgrade anyhow, but what really prompted me to urgently action this was this video here...
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    Beardie loves watching netflix

    Evening downtime with my 1 year old girl Charlie- she was on me while we were lying in bed but she climbed down to get a better seat she was just enamoured with The Office last night- we watched 3 episodes together and she was engaged the whole time ! short video recording of her watching it...
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    Please rescue this free beardie in California

    Hello; would anyone in the california area be interested in adopting this free beardie off craigslist: He doesn't look too bad but its a little bit sad how the post was made. They say hes not...
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    Puberty ?

    Hello all; my beardie girl Charlie is about 8-9months old now; she used to be a really good eater up until the last week or so. I would feed her woodie roaches and she would plow through at least 10 per day medium-large size woodies. Now more recently though, she's been a bit finicky. She seems...
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    Peeping Charlie (warning lots of images)

    My dragon loves to peep on people who are in the room xD LOTS of pics; almost all of them are taken on different days as she grows. The enclosure has also undergone a lot of renovation which you will also see as i upload in the next posts note, she is not glass surfing in any of these pics...
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    Charlie in June: Charlie today: They grow so fast ! She looks like a sausage xD
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    Juvenile not eaten in about a month

    Hi all, i posted in health section about my girl Charlie being off food. To summarise: About a month ago I took her to the vet and she was found to have ++coccidia and worms. She underwent treatment to rid them both and was cleared after two weeks. However, it's been two weeks since treatment...
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    6 month old no appetite

    My girl Charlie hasn't been eating too well, before she was a monster of an eater ! I took her to the vet three weeks ago and she was ++for worms and coccidia (She had notoriously smelly poop since i got her). She finished her deworming and meds about a week ago and was cleared for any parasites...
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    Random yellow scales... YF?

    Hi all Ive noticed today my girl Charlie has these random yellow scales on her face and head She's got a vet checkup booked next week for her first visit- but do these scales look sinister ..? Or are they just discolored bits of scales due to her growing ? Thanks as always :)
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    Rest well, Taro

    I didn't want to make a post here- because i hadn't yet come to terms with the idea that Taro is no longer alive. In late May this year, my precious 3 1/2 year old beardie girl Taro passed away after a very difficult fight she put up against issues that many beardies would not have had the...
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    Accidentally over fed juvenile

    Hi there I was hoping I wouldn't have to post here again so soon,, As i was feeding my 4-5 month old dragon, Charlie, I accidentally tipped too many woodie roaches from the container. They are medium sized, some possibly a little bigger than the space between her eyes. They were too fast for...
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    Her name is Charlie

    Hello, coming in after a little break since my p recious girl Taro passed on (her story here viewtopic.php?f=45&t=254460) After heavily grieving my girl Taro (And still grieving- I miss her every day!) My daughter and i decided to open our hearts and our home to a new dragon. Her name is...
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    Stomach tumor... GNT??

    Hello, I decided to make a new post in regard to my 3y old female bearded dragon Taro as the vet has found the cause of the infection- (My first post here: viewtopic.php?f=45&t=254189&start=15 ) They found a calcified growth in the stomach that showed up on the X-ray today. They said this is...
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    Yeast infection/increased mucous

    Hi there, i posted to this forum a few years ago when i first got my little beardie girl Taro. She was 7-9 months old at the time. Now she's a bit over 3 When we first got Taro it turned out she had slight metabolic bone disease from her husbandry with the previous owners. This was swiftly...
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    new beardie... With Yellow fungus??

    Hello!! I've always browsed this website since i got my first bearded dragon, Oscar, as a baby. She was two weeks old when we got her (perhaps a little too young, seeing it in retrospect) but she grew up very healthy (shes had two vet checkups this year and she has been wormed, poo check etc- we...
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