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    Please help. Unknown parasite possibly.

    Hi all, so after overcoming coccidia for the second time, I had a fecal done on Monday just to double check. They found something they said looked like round worm but isn’t big enough to be round worm and they are unsure what it could be. She’s still eating, still pooping (mixture between...
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    Humidity level

    Hi there. I have a question about the humidity level in my beardies tanks. In both tanks it’s pretty low, like 16%. In order to get this back up a little bit, is it ok to mist the walls of the tanks? And what are some other options for raising humidity levels to a safe level? They both have...
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    Semi brumation- brumation, or something else?

    Why is my boy being so “lazy”? first he laid under the paper towels for 6 days then he finally came out for 2 days, didn’t eat but did get a bath, but then he went to the other side and has been there for 2 days now waking up off and on but not moving. I took his weight a few days before the...
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    BSFL... are they really worth it?

    Hello again. So with my first and recent purchase of BSFL, I’m not too sure how well they are working out. My beardies devour them, but they eat them so quickly that they don’t even really chew them. They are coming out in their poop the same way they went in, full sized! One was even still...
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    UVA basking light max distance

    I ended up using wire and hanging directly from the screen top.
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    Feeding schedule, right or wrong?

    I’ve got dubias but my male quit eating them, that’s why I got the bsfl. I might try to put them both together and see if I can get him to eat dubias again. I usually separate breakfast bugs the night before and put them in a jar for easy quick before work routine. If I put the bsfl and dubia...
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    Feeding schedule, right or wrong?

    So I’ve ordered a steam cleaner, so I’m good there. Now with the BSFL I got today how many do I feed my 8 and 9 month old beardies?
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    Feeding schedule, right or wrong?

    What do you sanitize with after they poop? When I get home daily after work they usually have a pile waiting for me and I clean it up with toilet paper, then spray the area with a water/vinegar solution 50/50 and then wipe that up. But I’m sure the water/vinegar isn’t disinfecting anything...
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    Feeding schedule, right or wrong?

    Well I think I figured out what I need to know. My fiancé is a CVT at a nearby Vet Clinic and she took in a stool sample this morning from my male and he has pin worms and coccidia both. I’m wondering if this could be part of his sluggish behavior. Poor guy, I feel so bad for him. He will...
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    Not eating dubia but eats worms

    So my boy Ziggy wants nothing to do with dubia roaches anymore. It’s kind of frustrating because I’ve invested in a colony that has now been split into 2. He loves anything worms, bsfl, wax worms, super worms, meal worms, and horn worms and even sometimes crickets. He goes after worms in a...
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    Feeding schedule, right or wrong?

    I’ve got a probe in right now in the basking area to double check to make sure my laser thermo isn’t malfunctioning and giving me false temps.
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    Feeding schedule, right or wrong?

    No he doesn’t drink in the bath. I don’t think he really likes bath time lol. He just sits there and towards the end he’s trying to climb my arm the wall to get out. I do put water drops in his nose and sometimes he will lick it up but not most of the time. I know I’m probably making this...
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    Feeding schedule, right or wrong?

    His poop seems normal, other than not pooping everyday due to lack of eating I’m assuming. My female did have parasites and her poop was disgusting and his is nothing like hers was. I am getting his poop tested too though just to hopefully rule that out as well but his poop doesn’t show any...
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    Feeding schedule, right or wrong?

    That is also correct.
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    Feeding schedule, right or wrong?

    It’s inside the tank.
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    Feeding schedule, right or wrong?

    He’s in a 75 gallon tank 48x18x21 I believe is the dimensions. I’m using a 24inch uvb tube with T5 10.0 he’s got a 50 watt bulb for basking last i checked a couple days ago his basking was ranging between 95-100 degrees. There’s a light on the cool side for visibility and surface temp on the...
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    Feeding schedule, right or wrong?

    They are definitely not housed together, nor can they see each other. My male definitely seems to be in the slow down stage and has been for awhile. He will go and hide in his cave for a couple days at a time and I either have to get him out by hand or entice him with treats to get him to come...
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