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  1. Hazel_AndWarrior_10


    My friend had a baby beardie and it didn't look good so I am deciding whether or not to rescue this baby. I haven't gotten pictures yet but she said that she will send them to me of the little one. She said that her dad couldn't take care of it anymore because it was too hard. But I'm worried if...
  2. Hazel_AndWarrior_10

    Why is my bearded dragon so scared of a car?

    So I let my bearded dragon out yesterday and my brother was just riding his spider man car. When he stopped riding it, she went to go check it out and my brother was about to drive it again and she flattened out, her beard was black/gray and her mouth was open and we weren't sure why until we...
  3. Hazel_AndWarrior_10

    HELP! Bearded ate wax

    So when I let my beardie on my desk, she saw a little wax and I noticed and so I tried to grab it, But then My beardie ate it. It wasnt a lot but I dont want it to harm her . will she be alright?
  4. Hazel_AndWarrior_10


    I'm looking at this and I think it's a female I only see one bulge right now so I'm guessing it's a female but I don't know. I checked when she was really young and I couldn't tell. It's a bad picture but I'll send another pic.
  5. Hazel_AndWarrior_10

    Weird spot on beardies nose.

    Hello, my bearded dragon has a weird spot on her nose. She is still a baby. 6 months old, she eats crickets, dubias(I'm gonna get her more insects when she gets a little more older) and a wide variety of fruits and veggies. I think it might be a burn because 3 days ago I was opening her tank...
  6. Hazel_AndWarrior_10


    So when I look at all 7 month beardies that are female, they are bigger then mine and I know when Hazel Hatched out of her egg becuz the store that I bought her from told us. I am thinking that maybe I stunted her growth becuz shes only growing a 1/2- 1 inch per month. I hope that I didn't stunt...
  7. Hazel_AndWarrior_10

    Tiny bit pink urate

    I just cleaned her cage out and she just pooped. It was a good poop no diarrhea but however, the urate is a TINY pink but you can't notice it until you look at it hard and your close to the tank. My lighting fixture is that my long tube is ordered and it should be here tomorrow. For now, I...
  8. Hazel_AndWarrior_10


    I let my beardie out and I was watching her but then my mom told me to come down and help her immediately and I was about to put her on then I thought that I'll be back fast. I was wrong. It was quick but I totally forgot about Hazel and I put her in my bed and she climbed down the blanket and...
  9. Hazel_AndWarrior_10

    Aggression, black beard and beard puffing up.

    My little beardie she would snuggle up on me, but she would also hiss on me and has a black beard that is puffed up so I put her back and she starts to wall surf so I take her out and she would immediately snuggle up on me but she would hiss and have a black beard puffed up. Is that normal? her...
  10. Hazel_AndWarrior_10


    My beardie is shedding her tail right now and she been trying to shed that off for almost two weeks and it is not coming off. I soaked her a bath a few times but still nothing. I think it's helping only the tiniest of bit. I'm worried that something is going on. could it be stuck shed on her...
  11. Hazel_AndWarrior_10

    HELP! Baby Beardie fell about 2 feet!

    Hi, I let my baby beardie Hazel out this afternoon and she was on my chair armrest and between there there was a gap from my desk andthe armrest. she jumped and almost made it but didn't. The fall was about 2 feet and she would've fallen almost 3 feet if she catch my pants. She was stunned for...
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