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    Beardie born in November 2021 needs rescued in northeast ohio

    Hi everyone... Unfortunately I don't feel like my family is the best fit for our beardie... We have a very busy and sometimes hectic household and I just do not feel like our beardie is comfortable or happy with us! He was born in November 2021 and we got him from a local pet store in late...
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    Impacted dragon

    I do not have a vet and I'm not sure I can afford one unless absolutely necessary.. it's not the point of his back legs being slump or anything like that and he is still eating a little and being active.. I'm hoping it doesn't come to us having to make a vet visit.. I'm going to try the olive...
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    Impacted dragon

    Thank you I am going to go to the grocery store tomorrow to get some... Which one would you say works better?
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    Impacted dragon

    Yes as I said in the post I got rid of the sand and got reptile carpet.. we only had the sand for 2 weeks.
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    Impacted dragon

    I am looking for any advice on how to help relieve my 4 month old bearded dragon of impaction 😥 I am a new reptile owner and I was trying out different types of substrate... I used a mixture of calcium sand and ground walnuts.. I thought he would like it because he enjoys burrowing and the bag...
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    Black and orange beard

    Hi everyone! My family is new to reptiles and I just want to make sure our beardie is happy and comfortable! I've read about black beard and although his beard is not completely black it looks a bit black with some orange in it also.. is this normal?
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