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    Bath time

    So I have a question. Can I bathe my bearded dragon in my bathtub that I use? Do I need to have a cleaner to clean before and after her bath?
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    Bearded dragon poop

    So my beardie is roughly about 4 months I added bell pepper red one in her food bowl and today I noticed her poop Was slightly red could that be from the red bell pepper?
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    My beardie is maybe about 8 to 9 inches long how much am I supposed to feed her? How often do feed her bc I am a college student?
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    :nighttime temperature

    My beardies night time temperature is between 65-70 degrees F when her lights and heat is off is that an ok temperature for nighttime?
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    I have two hygrometer in my beardies tank. The one on the cool side reads about 50% throughout the night but her hot side one reads from 50-70 at night when her lights are off. I have a fan and rice sock in her tank. Which hygrometer is the right one to read and is that too much humidity for her...
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    Humidity at night

    Hi, I just got my beardie yesterday and she is a baby and during the day her humidity is fine but at night time her humidity reaches from 50%-70% and I have a fan on top of her tank to help and I have a rice sock. I live in Georgia. Her temperature at night drops to about 70 or 75 degrees F...
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