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    Peeled bearded dragons shed!!!

    Don't feel bad, you didn't know, now you do. She looks good, just keep a close eye on her. Like Tracie said, keep posting, we will all be glad to help a newbie! Best of luck.
  2. J

    New Rescue

    So sorry for your loss, I've taken in a desperate case before, it's hard to lose the battle, but you did a great thing trying. You let him know you care, and did everything you could. I appreciate you and thank you for that! You've made the world a better place, even for just one dragon. Good...
  3. J

    Bearded Dragon severe limb possible partial paralysis

    Good for you, that you've had your friend that long? There's a special place in hell for your roommate that recommended the freezer. As you've already seen, that is NEVER the answer. If you think she's suffering or needs to go, then you go to a vet. Thanks for being a good dragon parent. Never...
  4. J

    Missing Bearded Dragon outside

    Put up fliers, your neighbors may have seen him. I lost mine once for 3 weeks in my neighborhood, he walked over an acre and crossed traffic. I got him back by putting up fliers lol.
  5. J

    Bearded dragon looking very sick

    I joined a few months ago for support after losing my 12 year old id had since a baby. I got him and his sister from petco. I've enjoyed learning lots over the years but this sight has given me a new appreciation for reptile owners. I have YET to read something here I disagreed with. Starting...
  6. J

    Need advice on when to cut back feeding insects for my big 10 month old

    That's a great big tank for a little one, nothing wrong with it but not surprised by how well she's grown! Again, don't be afraid to think of them as little kids, they will eat when they're hungry, and have different cravings as their body needs different things! Just keep offering a variety...
  7. J

    Beardie Not Eating on Her Own

    I know i say it often, but variety of color and texture, different fruits and veggies, sometimes will catch their attention. My dragons went through phases, like kids, where they would love something and not the next. Their favorites were always red grapes, kale, blueberries, and this time of...
  8. J

    Bearded dragon looking very sick

    Sorry to hear, again make sure the tank is thoroughly cleaned before getting another friend. Keep reading and posting any questions, I've seen alot of fantastic info come across this sight. Good luck in your next venture.
  9. J

    Poop time

    More activity can change the look of the poops!
  10. J

    Need advice on when to cut back feeding insects for my big 10 month old

    What a bug beautiful girl! Love the name. How big is her tank? Just keeping in mind they grow bigger the more space is available. When mine were that age I tried to mix it up by introducing a new fruit or vegetable each week.
  11. J

    Prolapse? HELP

    So sorry for your loss, thank you for being a great dragon parent. It's hard to loose, and even harder to make that difficult decision. Here for you if you need anything. Rest easy knowing you did everything you could and you did the right thing.
  12. J

    New baby beardie help.

    Hes beautiful, I remember when my babies were littler than that! I tell everyone, as far as the greens go, make the veggies "dance" a little, moving them around may get his attention, or trick him into trying something he will then enjoy! Good luck, can't wait to see more!
  13. J

    New owner, Rescued beardie, ADV, Gout?

    Like any new parent, we always worry! Trust the info you find here. You'll be just fine too!
  14. J

    Rehome Dragon-Atl

    Have you found a new home yet?
  15. J

    Bad Vet Visit

    Was this an actual reptile vet, that's so disappointing to see, sorry for you and your baby!
  16. J

    Beardie Advice ~ Spay?

    Wishing the best! Thanks for being a diligent caring dragon parent! Honestly I didn't know there were vets that spay dragons so thanks for that!
  17. J

    Come on down to Devlyn Town everyone, let's go!

    Haha, happy poop party! She's lovely, enjoyed your story, as far as turning down the greens, I found that when their little if you use a stick or tool to make the greens "move" they're more excited about it. They always prefer something "alive" and moving.
  18. J

    Great Adventure

    Just want to share the quick version of my dragon Kronos great adventure. I eventually hope to write a children's book or something with it! He got out, of the house, past dogs, was gone for 3 weeks, walked over an acre and crossed traffic. Got him back after putting up fliers in the...
  19. J

    New owner, Rescued beardie, ADV, Gout?

    Sounds like you're trying really hard, gonna be a great dragon parent! Good for you, I appreciate anyone who can take advice and cares! Hang in there, she's beautiful!
  20. J

    Egg laying help please!

    Make sure she has a quiet calm, even less well lit area to lay, mine laid eggs a few times, she would only do it at night when there were no distractions and less light.
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