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    Doesn’t eat much insects all of a sudden

    When my bearded dragon sid was in his old 36x18x18 he ate like 25-40 roaches a day. I moved him to a new 4x2x2 enclosure and he only eats maybe 10 a day, There’s a couple days he hasn’t eaten any roaches. He picks at his salad all day, mostly a rotation of collard greens, kale, and mustard...
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    My first ever bearded dragon Sid was delivered yesterday and he ate like 30-40 dubia roaches a bit a little while after I got him and a just a tiny bit of dandelion greens, like 2 or 3 pieces. He then went to the hot side of his enclosure on the slate where it’s like 90-94 but didn’t go up to...
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    Hello everyone! I'm getting my first bearded dragon in a couple weeks and I was wondering if this piece of driftwood is fine to use after I sanitize it. I’ve read something about cedar, pine, spruce etc woods being dangerous for bearded dragons and I noticed there are some red, pink spots as...
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