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    Beardie poop

    Hey I was just wondering lately my beardie has been having really tiny poops should I be concerned?
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    Where to feed bugs

    I just wanted to know if anyone has tips on feeding bugs. I have food dishes I can put the dubia roaches in bug they get out and hide places so I have to sit there and watch. Is there something I can do when I feed him or a bowl that they can’t escape?
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    Bee pollen

    Hey my bearded dragon doesn’t eat his greens and when I try to put a bug on it he just gets the bug and leaves. I heard that bee pollen is really good for them and will help them eat their greens. Is there a certain or best kind to get?
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    Uvb fixture?

    Hi! I have this 24” 610 mm 17 watt Reptisun 10.0 uvb bulb that I got a while back and I was just wondering if anyone knew what fixtures I can use. Are there any reptile brand fixtures available or are there some I can get at a hardware store? Thanks for you time.
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    Hi! I was just wondering what are the best/cheap options for a 40 gallon bearded dragon tank. I hear that incandescent or halogen lights are good. What about the fixtures are there better/cheaper options than the ones at pet stores?
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    Is this tail rot?

    Hey I was just wondering if the end of my beardies tail was rotting. I feel like he’s had it since I got him but sometimes it comes and goes.
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    Am I feeding enough?

    Hey! I was just wondering how my beardie is doing and if I should be feeding him more. I got him at around a month old July 7 2021 so he is about 7-8 months old and about 12 inches. Thanks for your time!
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