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    Spooked dragon

    I really wish I could do a psychological study on beardie behavior. I mean they dream, and if they dream they think. I'm very curious as to what triggered that kind of fear response in a beardie that was content to run around again. And if there is an emotional connection to it because you're...
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    Oliver and the Outside.

    Yeah. He is the Dragon in my Profile Pictures. I used to write stories for him like I do Oliver, but Phira had a much more... Uppity personality. Oliver is more of a goofy playful guy. It's harder to write stories for him, because he's more fun loving.
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    Oliver and the Outside.

    I got Oliver from RedSky Reptiles. He hatched right around the same time I took Phira to get his Dragon Wings. :( I took it as a sign.
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    Oliver and the Outside.

    I don't my Dragon from Indiana.
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    Oliver and the Outside.

    Oliver: This is unacceptable. Hooman! Servant! Me: You rang? Oliver: Yes, (Rubbing up against the side of the tank) I can't get out! This cursed invisible barrier will not allow me to... Eh... pass. Me: Oh, you want out? (Hooman reaches in to pick him up.) Oliver: NO! I want to push my way...
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    The Master of Hide and Seek

    Oliver: They will never ever find me here! Ha! Hooman: Oliver!? Oliver come on buddy where are you? Oliver: Hehehehehe. Three Days Later... Me: I can't find him. (In tears on the phone) I've moved every couch, chair, and every piece of furniture in the house. I have checked under every nook...
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    I'm running away! An Oliver Story

    Oliver: This is unbelievable. How could possibly do this! Collard Greens? There is a fresh supply of Symtom BSFL (My hooman highly recommends them.) setting right there and I get Collard Greens! 80% greens! Who comes up with this stuff! Oh! Oh, he left my cage open. Yes, he thinks I'm going to...
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    You can't be serious...

    Oliver: Tell me about this Santa Claws you Hoomans are always talking about. Me: Santa Clause. Oliver: ... ... That's what I said. Me: He's a guy that once a year comes and gives presents to the humans. He flies around in a sleigh with Reindeer pulling it. Oliver: He should have Dragons...
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    Sir Oliver LeLane of the House of Minimum

    As some of the older Generation of will remember that I had a series of adventures dealing with my Phira. Phira got his dragon wings on December 22, 2020. Oliver hatched on December 22, 2020. In honor of Phira's 1 year of passing and Oliver's one year of life, I now offer you an...
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    Minimum3's Legacy Uploads

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    Hey guys. I know it's been a LONG time since I posted a Phira story. I don't even know if any of you even still check this website. I lost Phira on the 22nd of December to Liver Failure. He was Five. His last moments were with me snuggling on my chest. In his memory I'm going to share with you...
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    An actual Phira story.

    It’s not gonna be sad! It’s gonna be exciting and scary and worthy of the warrior dragon kings name! I also tried writing a kids style book kind of like Curious George... it was... difficult. So I’m actually aiming for the younger teen market. Phira: it’s totally going to be worrhy of my! And...
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    An actual Phira story.

    I’ve taken the other Hoomans advice and started to write an actual story about Phira. Though it’s not the whimsical story you’re all use to. It’s an adventure story that has some paranormal, religion, action, suspense and a little love. Basic run down of the idea. Plague takes out most of...
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    She did go to her new home today. I know it’s going to be best for me and Phira. It’ll be a couple of days before he returns to normal. I’m going to miss the head bobbing and displaying of his masculinity. I am also going to miss her. I can already tell.
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    Winnie is most likely going to find a new home soon. It was never my intention to keep her and while she’s a very sweet and snuggly, I haven’t really connected with her. Her new Hooman will be a boy with A form of Autism. His dad assures me that Winnie will be well cared for and I believe him...
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    Phira vs .... oh just... I can’t hehe

    She's fat. And I do mean fat. And I thinknshes blind. Been under a red light and coil bulb herv while life.... and prissy
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    Phira vs .... oh just... I can’t hehe

    Me: I had to rescue a Dragon today. Phira: Good for you Hooman. As a reward for your heroic deeds I shall poo on the clean cloths! Me: what... no. You can’t poo on the clean cloths. Phira: You doubt my sneaky dragon mode? Me: yes. Phira: pffft that was a good Cricket. Me: What? I haven’t fed...
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    My sad Dragon

    I’ve been gone a lot lately doing unavoidable things. I really haven’t even had time to myself. The weather has grown much much colder so taking Phira out and about as I do errands is no longer an option. Daisy gets to go for car rides and walks but work has dictated that I have only limited...
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    Burmation questions

    The CHE is putting the tank around 80 degrees
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