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  1. RangoRocky


    Who else’s beardie is territorial? Ok ok background Rango was purchased in Oct and initially I was scared to hold him. (Just didn’t know what to expect) Well once I got over my fears I started holding him more. And even at night before his lights goes off we have cuddle time. Lol I made him a...
  2. RangoRocky

    He stressing himself and me out all at the same time

    So Rango loves being out the cage more than in. He stressing himself out and then I get stressed with him trying to figure out what’s causing him to do this. So if it’s warm enough outside I bring him out to bask in the natural sunlight. We also let him bask by the patio door. Sometime he will...
  3. RangoRocky

    Composite Enclosures

    What is everyone’s thoughts on the composite enclosures? I’m considering buying this one.
  4. RangoRocky

    How to get him to eat?

    Good Morning All, We need help or suggestions. Last week we brought and received our beardie from Underground Reptiles. Well my husband named him Rango and I thought he needed a middle name so he’s Rango Rocky Balboa. He is currently 9in long and according to length he’s 4mo. We purchased a...
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