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  1. Sandy's World


    Somehow the crickets I put in Sandy's tank to eat escaped? I have some cardboard along the side of the tank for privacy during egg time but it backfired.. does anybody know what to do? Will they cause an infestation? Will they breed? I have no idea how many escaped but I'm hoping not many. o_O
  2. Sandy's World

    Basking light help

    My bearded dragon Sandy's basking light only gets up to about 90 or 95F. I'm worried about this as she has a quite large tank. Currently using a 100w "Repti Basking Spot Lamp" by Zoo Med, placed at the top of the screen lid. Her tank dimensions are L23in, by W19in, by H23in, a recycled fish...
  3. Sandy's World

    Found 1 egg in bearded dragons tank. She's gravid, Help!

    My beardie Sandy just turned 2 years old in January. Just tonight I found 1 infertile egg in her tank! We did not breed her, and this will be her first ever clutch of eggs. She has been glass surfing more than usual, is more hyper, and her tummy looks a little bit big. I'm afraid she'll die if...
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