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    Greg Walking Strangely

    Hi there i have an issue with greg my bearded dragon. He seems to be really limping on his back legs when walking to the point where sometimes he falls onto his back :( always been there to help but still very much worries me i have a video of him walking on my account. (please tell me if you...
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    Beardie swollen leg

    Hi everyone, My beardie called Greg is 3 years old now and just come off a sparodic shed, this took about 2 weeks or so and often when Greg sheds he doesn’t eat much and is usually very lazy and sleepy this is normal to me. However this week being free from shed now I have noticed a swollen...
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    Tail rot ??

    Hi everyone, Just going around the internet googling bearded dragon things as you do and come across tail rot and seeing pictures of very early on cases of tail rot, which made me have a second look at my beardie (greg) noticing his tail is slightly discoloured? Greg is 1 year old currently if...
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    Beardies cut feet? Help?

    Hi there I own my Hypo Trans Bearded dragon called Greg Only 1 years old and have had him since he was 2 months. Everything has been going great until recently I’ve started noticing slight cuts on Greg’s feet all 4 feet are effected 2 with quite major injury ( or what I think look most sore )...
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