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    Digging - change of behaviour

    For the past week, my bearded dragon has been furiously digging in her enclosure. She's constantly making holes and has been glass surfing more. Could this be something other than being gravid? For a few of those days she refused all food but she's back to eating.
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    beardie toe

    Hi, another post. I've been having some issues with this toe for a bit - a few months I think. The black part is a scab from an awkward shed. She doesn't move it, and it has no strength when pushing or walking. She doesn't really put any weight on it either. She has no issue walking and running...
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    Slight twitch on rear right leg

    The last couple of days I've noticed my bearded dragon's right rear leg twitch occassionally - it is entirely only present in that leg in the thigh. If I could compare it to anything, it's like when you sometimes see the muscle on the inside of your finger randomly spasm. It's not continously...
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    Yellow area of tail

    My bearded dragon has a yellow area of his tail. My bearded dragon had a scrape of the area and no infections/fungus anything came up. What could be the issue here? She's had the black spot for at least a year and it pretty much grew with her for a bit untill it stopped and receeded a little...
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    Shedding concerns

    My bearded dragon hasn't shed for a while. She's about a 13 months old now, but she hasn't had a full body shed since about July or august last year. Before then she would shed frequently, and I understand it's supposed to slow down but what I find strange is the only areas that have shed since...
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    Lack of motivation towards food

    My bearded dragon, Toffee (I've made a few health posts about her here before) has for a few months now had a lack of motivation towards eating. She went from chasing superworms to ignoring them etc. From my knowledge she hasn't exactly been losing weight (the vet always says shes put on weight...
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    Potential aspiration and ongoing R.I.

    My beardie, toffee who is around 10+ months old has had treatment for an R.i. She was on baytril for 2 weeks, and though it didn't cure her of the clicking sound when breathing sometimes she hasn't gotten any worse, and the vet couldn't find any indications of anything other than that - he told...
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    Getting beardie to eat veggies (again)

    My beardie, toffee is about 9 months old now and she still generally refuses to eat veggies. Even if i put bee pollen on it, if I try feeding in the mornings, if I try putting superworms in there she'll just ignore it. Are there any other methods I havn't tried of getting her to eat greens? I...
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    Darker patch of skin on head

    My beardie, toffee, has a small ring of darker scales on her head. She used to find it irritating when touched and slap my hand away, but once I managed to get a chunk of stuck shed off that area she isn't bothered when touched. Here's some pictures of it. Does anyone know what to make of it...
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    Stretching his beard

    Toffee stretched his beard I managed to get a picture of it, he usually unpuffs it and looks at me as though he's embarrassed if I try to take a picture lol
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    My bearded dragon doesn't drink very much

    My bearded dragon doesn't drink much at all. I've read frequently that they don't need drinks very often and most of it comes from their food. How true is that? He's about 6 months old, closer to 7 months, and looks pretty healthy, doesn't show signs of dehydration. Depending on what I have...
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    Beardie tail

    I've had my bearded dragon since february. He's around 6 and a half ish months old now. Near when I first got him, his basking spot (a long bit of wood - like a large stick) fell on him. It hit his tail, but he didn't seem to be in any sort of discomfort or pain, it didn't bleed, all he really...
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    Does my Bearded dragon look healthy?

    So I'm newish to keeping my bearded dragon. I've had him since he was 10 weeks old, now hes around 5 and a half months old. I'd just like to know if he looks healthy for his age or not. Thanks :) He's about 15 inches long
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    Happy Drago

    I found this Picture of my dragon toffee that I took about a month ago when he was younger:
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    Getting my baby beardie to eat his veg

    I've had a baby for a few weeks now, he's about 3 and a bit months old. He loves his insects however I haven't been able to get him to eat veggies Yet. He happily eats dubias and calci worms and the very occasional waxworm, however I'm at a complete loss when it comes to veggies. I try to...
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    Uvb question

    Does a reflector increase the optimal range of a uvb light? My basking area is a bit further away from the uvb than recommended, if I need to I'll get something else for the beardie to bask on closer, but just wondering if I can save myself rearranging everything if I don't have to.
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    This a good setup?

    Got a baby beardie about 4 days ago, shop dude said he was 10 weeks old, set up looked fine, everything done to what I think it should be. Basking spot temperature is around 104f, and the colder side around 84. Its around 4ft by 2 by 2. Pretty bare atm but I'll add more later. He's eating well...
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