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  1. Darkoshi

    Type of dragon and sex?

    Sold as a female leatherback sandfire.. but he don't look lb... anyways what you guys think. Looks like a baby male dragon regular like gary. A more revealing peek
  2. Darkoshi

    Black discoloration

    Gary's got this black patch on his neck wondering is it looks like a burn or something ?
  3. Darkoshi

    Puffy eye and black spots

    Hello everyone. I got this dragon here Chromie and she has some black spots on her and now a little puffiness around her eye. Wonder if anyone knows what this is?
  4. Darkoshi

    Is this dragon a witblits or something¿

    Hello everyone! So got these two dragons here Gary and Chromie. Gary has these beautiful stripes and patterns and such and my female Chromie has lost all her patterns and stripes and has just has yellow greenish color pretty much. Wonder if she is a little witblitz or this is normal. Both are...
  5. Darkoshi

    Help! IS THIS Yellow fungus or mold?

    Hello everyone, my little dragon Chromie has been laying eggs recently and she stopped eating and looks a lil sickly and had this discoloration kn her belly l. Wondering if it might be mold or something¿
  6. Darkoshi

    Strange molting/color loss

    Hello, got this little dragon here Chromie. It appears when she sheds(not often she has stayed pretty small thus far pretty young hatched in april22) she looses a lot or all of the color in the spot she shed sometimes. Happened to her chin / face (looks like it's covered in white cheese from...
  7. Darkoshi

    Color/stripes/pattern inheritance

    HI, got these dragons here Gary and chromie.. both are under a year, got Gary as a baby in may and Chromie hatched in April. Gonna breed them eventually when they are older and was wondering if the babies would inherit Chromies bright yellow saturation and have almost no stripes just yellow. Or...
  8. Darkoshi

    HELP** discoloration on mouth and lips

    This is not stuck shed she just went through a full head shed I peeled it all off. What is this anyone know? Is not spreading.
  9. Darkoshi

    Bug identification help - isopod?

    Heyo, So cricket container is infested with these, wondering what they are and if they are safe for beardies?.. it looks like a long hairy isopod that does not curl into a ball. around the same size.
  10. Darkoshi

    Plant identification - ontario canada

    Hello everyone my beardie Gary's main source of green is this spade plant that is everywhere here, anyone know what its name is? He has eaten it for a month seem ok.. cambridge on cananda
  11. Darkoshi

    Big blue bearded dragons...¿

    Hello everyone. I am getting into breeding beardies and I have a female trans with pp blood named Chromie and this guy named Gary I got from petsmart in may... wondering if he is a specific type of dragon.. the 'store leader'at petsmart said their private breeder supplies all of canadian...
  12. Darkoshi

    What do you think of these dragons/breeding setup¿

    Hey everyone, Looking to get into the fine art of breeding dragons... I had a dragon over a decade ago when I was around 16(31 ATM) named Nefarian aka Neffy.(first pic) I did not properly take care of him and he lived 6 years old, but stayed very small... He was a great companion so I would like...
  13. Darkoshi

    Breeding a trans het hypo with a normal appearing 'fancy'

    What would be the outcome if I bred a normal beardy labeled as 'fancy' at pet store with no morph, with a trans het hypo? The breeding chart has a lot of blank spaces what does this imply?
  14. Darkoshi

    New beardy, is he regular or morphed? Labeled fancy

    . dunno what you thin?, attempting to breed with a sexy leather back in getting soon. The female
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