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  1. CurlyShark

    New beardie stinks of cigarettes

    I just adopted a 1 year old (hatched May 2021) male dragon from Craigslist Monday evening. After giving him two baths (one immediately upon coming home with him cos he was absolutely filthy and one yesterday cos he still had hard stuff stuck to his beard), he began to reek of cigarette smoke...
  2. CurlyShark


    Please I need some advice for my boy. It's a long story of how we got to this point (which I will get to after) but the urgent point is he has septicemia and I have no way of getting him treated until Monday evening when his vet opens. I have some antibiotics left over that are still within...
  3. CurlyShark

    Beardie has allergic asthma?!?

    I have a bit of a frustrating and heartbreaking issue with my little boy and I really hope someone can help me here. I've been a lurker here since I got my first dragon, and have read some very useful information by very knowledgeable people, so I am hoping someone can advise me about this...
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