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    RIP Mushu

    Today my girl mushu crossed the rainbow Bridge. I knew this would happen sooner or later as when I rescued her from a reptile farm she was very sick. I thank my vet for helping me try and make the rest of her life happy and she gave me 2 great years but has now passed and is no longer suffering...
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    Worry eased

    I was starting to get worried with how long Mushu was brumating but today he/she is up and about. I was prepared for brumation but didn't think it would last as long as it did almost 5 months. Does anyone else find that time odd. My other beardies never brumated for that long.
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    Need some advice

    So my little mushu won't eat crickets at all have not been able to get him/her to eat them and in Canada dubias are illegal to possess as they are considered an invasive species by our gov't. And I thing supers are too big for him as of now the only thing I can get him to actually eat insect...
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    Meet mushu

    This is mushu who I just got today mushu is approximately 1month old and even though I just got mushu, already being handled like a champ. Mushu is still to young to sex according to the vet so I am not sure yet on gender
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    Lighting question

    So all of my other terrariums are really small or prefab this was my first attempt at a build of my own. I am having some trouble finding a good temp. As seen in the one pic I have 2 of each bulb and a couple lower wattage. Currently with the 4 shown hotside is almost 100 f at the floor I ran...
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    So I have almost finished building my new Viv all my lighting exp is with way smaller setups. my new Viv is 5' by 2 by 2. Custom built. Just looking for advice on how many lights I should require. I am in Canada in Alberta so we have fairly hot summers +20 to +30 and frigid winters -10 to -40...
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    Mixing substrates in my new custom built terrarium

    I am in the process of building my new terrarium for my new beardie. I am thinking of using a mix of two seperate substrates to give a variety I'm thinking ceramic tile and repti carpet. Any suggestions aswell should I mortar the tiles down or leave loose for cleaning ease. My terrarium is 5'x2'x2'.
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