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    Fatty Liver Disease or Genetics?

    I noticed recently that my 2 year old females mouth is yellow and pink. Pink tongue and gums but it transitions to yellow near the back of her throat. Is this Fatty Liver disease or her genetics coming out? As of now she is 18 inches long and weights 580 grams. She's always been on the bigger...
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    Yellow fungas or stuck shed?

    Does this look like stuck shed or yellow fungus? She has this spot right after her last shed and I can't get it to come off in over a month. I've had my vet refur me to a specialist appointment next week for it to get checked out before its too late. She's not showing any other signs of Yellow...
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    Is this Yellow Fungus?

    Hi I'm new here, I've had my bearded dragon since mid May and I got her from pet smart. She's been completely fine till her past shed about 2 weeks ago where I found a spot on her underbelly that looked slightly darker. The image attached. She has no other spots on her body like this or any...
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    Callus on feet coming off?

    So I've had my bearded dragon since mid May and I got her as a baby. Shes been on this rocky mat for a few months now and didn't have any issues till recently. I've put her on a reptile carpet for now but she's developed what looks to be calluses on her heels on all 4 paws. I've been soaking her...
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