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  1. Darkoshi

    Type of dragon and sex?

    When I look now its 2 separated bumps like gary and its been since I got him really. Male and female look different physically to me. Not because they more spikey just body structure itself.
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  4. Darkoshi

    Type of dragon and sex?

    I didn't buy. I would verify... given to me. Bought by a buddy who got it from the reptile depot in brantford ON. Anyways I know I wasn't even looking for one. I like the spikes myself. 😆 I would have preferred a female though. Second question for everyone. Do full grown males get along if given...
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  10. Darkoshi

    Type of dragon and sex?

    Ya gary is a beast but he is a gentle giant, never shows aggression unless like female mating. But I trained him to not bite when he does that too. I spray water in his.mouth and he gags and stops and **** and he learns how to do it without biting lol... using his hands like people do.. anyways...
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    Grand dragon Gary.
  12. Darkoshi

    Comment by 'Darkoshi' in media '20220405_145755.jpg'

    Ya definitely, I keep them separated. Males can be very aggressive and territorial to other dragons. Gary doesn't bite and seems nice, but if you put another dragon in his tank he gets very not chill.
  13. Darkoshi

    Comment by 'Darkoshi' in media '20220316_150453.jpg'

    He doesn't really mind cold weather, if he does get bother by it for too long he will get a black beard or spots. I find it weird how he hangs out in the shadows and can handle cold weather better than me. I let him choose and he chooses to play outside even when it's cold or some snow.. if...
  14. Darkoshi

    Type of dragon and sex?

    Ya I'm happy ethier way. Unique and interesting dragon. They all are pretty unique I find... very active and spunky. Havnt thought of a name having troubles since I cant figure out sex might try flashlight. Maybe galakron if male. To go with gary.. lol here's the both of them when I get him like...
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  16. Darkoshi

    Type of dragon and sex?

    Guy who gave it to me bought 2 for 200 each, leatherback sandfire siblings from the reptile store in brantford ON.. The other is a leatherback and femaleish looking. This little guy looks like a regular baby ur right lol. I was expect female lb and so confused. But whatever
  17. Darkoshi

    How can I make my baby bearded dragon drink more water?

    With a spray bottle. They love it. Mine drink everyday from a bottle but from nothing else.
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  20. Darkoshi

    Type of dragon and sex?

    Sold as a female leatherback sandfire.. but he don't look lb... anyways what you guys think. Looks like a baby male dragon regular like gary. A more revealing peek
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