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  1. teacherinpjs

    Deep Heat Projection & LED bar for 4x2x2

    Im looking for anyones experiences with Deep Heat Projection bulbs from Arcadia? I could either mount it in the enclosure or on top of the screen. Curious to hear if anyone else has done this. I could set it next to the basking bulb to let my dragon decide which she prefers. I also have gone...
  2. teacherinpjs

    Basking bulb recommendations

    Looking for basking bulb recommendations for 4x2x2. I currently have an Arcadia fixture mounted under the screen and using a Arcadia 75 bulb or 75 w repti zoo basking bulb. But they aren’t getting the basking spot above 95. The lady is 8 months old and I think she needs it warmer. Also the rest...
  3. teacherinpjs

    Pancaked, puffed beard & eyes half closed

    The lady has been acting like this the last couple of days. Refusing all food. Doesn’t move. Just lays like this all day long. Is this normal? It has me very worried.
  4. teacherinpjs

    Natural Supplements & Medicine Cabinet type things

    Hi there, Im wanting to get a good supply of natural products for immune health & medicine type cabinet. I love Bug De Lite website and have several of her products. I also have Arcadia supplements that I give daily. I have powdered dandelion root, probiotics, several different toppers...
  5. teacherinpjs

    Mouth Rot & Early stages of URI

    Hi there, I just got back from the vet for my 7 month old beardie. She has small amount of mouth rot & start of a URI. The doctor perscriped Sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim & Metacam/Meloxicam along with Critical Care for herbavores. I got her to take probably a teaspoon or more of the slurry...
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