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    Sick dragon?

    Hey everyone. So I got a new bearded dragon today at a reptile show. Wasnt the best lighting in there but I did try to look him over. I noticed a couple of missing toes and a slight bend in the tail and a bit skinny but seemed ok. Got him home and gave him a bath because I noticed some stuck...
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    I keep seeing people using these new MagNaturals in their enclosures but only seeing them in glass vivs. Has anyone used these in a pvc enclosure? Will the magnets hold an adult in one? I'm thinking about getting a ledge and one of the large feeder dish ones. Would the feeder bowl it comes with...
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    New Scardie Beardie

    Hello All!, Wasn't sure where to post this but thought it might fall under Behavior, if not, please move this to the correct forum please! So I just got my first bearded dragon. Her name is Faranth, about 5 months old. This is our first day together. She is understandably nervous and...
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