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    how to deal with power outages???

    been having some heavy storms recently, thankfully the power only went out once and it was back within a few hours. there’s supposed to be a big storm tonight and i’m never really sure what to do for my dragon when the power is out? especially now since it’s winter i don’t know how i’ll keep him...
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    wont stop glass surfing?

    he doesn’t do this normally, but it has happened before. for the last few days, hes been glass surfing starting a couple hours after he wakes up. i take him out and clean his tank and i let him roam around for like 30-45 minutes until it seems like he’s tired himself out but when i put him back...
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    Pet Stores and Dragons

    The maltreatment of bearded dragons in pet stores makes me really angry. There’s a local pet store in my town that has like the tiniest terrarium I’ve ever seen with at least 5 baby dragons inside at all times. I feel so bad for them because their terrarium is also right next to the dog cages...
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    Would it be best to give my dragon to someone else?

    I got my bearded dragon, Phoenix, when I was 10 years old. He was 10 months old at that point. I am now 14. I bought him from a seller on Craigslist who was selling him along with his terrarium and lights. Being 10 years old I had already not done as much research as I should have done before...
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