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  1. Hazel_My_Baby_Beardie13


    So we have leveling sand and we aren't sure if we can use that? We are not sure if it has any thing bad for my Beardie, and we aren't sure when we can add the sand in. She is almost 6 months old. Thx to anyone who can help
  2. Hazel_My_Baby_Beardie13

    Hazel has never been so close!!!!

    Hey guys, we let Hazel out because of how warm it is. And we have chickens and she was running to them just now. She has never been so close to 5 big chickens!! And they love her 🥰🥰🥰🥰
  3. Hazel_My_Baby_Beardie13

    Hazel Updates!!

    Hey guys!!!!! I am just giving a update to cute Hazel here! She is looking great from what my last post was! She was adopted this baby girl about 3 months ago! She used to be the family pet until my little brother wasn't aloud to hold her anymore :( but then she became mine and my sisters pet...
  4. Hazel_My_Baby_Beardie13

    My baby Beardie tore her tank up!

    Hi guys, Hazel has torn off her leaves off of everything and put them in a pile. She is only 5 months and she couldn't be nesting. This has never happened before and I am a bit worried about her. This is a picture. She just got done drinking water
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