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    Bearded dragon eats minimally, lethargic for over 7 months

    Hi, So I took in a bearded dragon about 2-3 months ago. Owner was my neighbor and could not longer care for him - she was telling me she couldn't find a home for him and was going to let him outside so I said absolutely not and took him in. Owner told me she did not know how old he was because...
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    Hates crickets, calcium worms, and greens

    Hi! New dragon owner... I got my beardie about 6 weeks ago from a pet store. I think he’s 10 weeks now. I have a 10 reptisun bulb and keep the basking temp around 105F. Humidity at 34%. Warm baths 2x a week. He was a pretty big eater when I got him but he’s slowed down significantly recently...
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