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    Still having shedding issues, just leave it or is there something else to do?

    Follow-up from the last questions about a month ago, she still has a lot of built-up shed under the area of her beard that got injured some months back. I've been soaking and brushing her shed area here, little bits and pieces of come off but the majority of it is still there
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    She lost her spikes and skin with her shed

    She started shedding about 3 weeks ago, the wrestler has shed now but the first spot that started is the last one to finish. On this side of her head she had injured herself about a month-and-a-half ago. Very large swelling in her beard that went away after about 5 days. The vet and others...
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    Strange discoloration, should I be worried?

    This I started to notice about 2 weeks ago. I thought it was shed but it's not
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    nosdormu hurt herself AGAIN! ankle swelling

    i dont know what she did this time, heavy limping. ankle is swollen and she flinches when i touch it. she was just at the vet, they cant see her again for a while (major back log). she lost some weight on her change from protine rich to more greens and now with her leg hurt she isnt hunting. i...
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    Came home to Beardie with half a beard. Anybody seen this?

    Only on her right side, doesn't look stressed, almost looks swelled. I can press in on it and don't feel any hard Mounds but it does have some weight to it almost like pressing in on a balloon Closest vet to me is 3 hours, what do we think?
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    limping, not using rear leg

    last night i noticed my sindragosa is not moving her rear left leg through full motion. if i compress her leg past a certain point she will flinch. squeezing her foot makes her flinch as well. no swelling, no external signs of injury. i put her in the bath to swim a bit this morning and she...
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    toooo warm....

    its been warm the past couple days. we hit 114F index with 90% humidity the past couple days. while i loved it, sindragosa did not... last night she ran off the couch while i was reading some books, i saw her out of the corner of my eye, head down the hallway that leads out from the dining...
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    drinking under water?

    while drinking my beardie will submerge her entire head under water for up to 45 seconds ish. she will keep opening her mouth the same as when she would drink above water. when done she will puff up and stick her head up into the air, use her 2nd eye lids to clear her eyes, shoot some water out...
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    biked to the lake

    my beardie sat with me for a bit over 10 miles while we biked to the local lake. she went running around the beach and climbed a tree while we were there. 92F and sunny today, she seemed to enjoy herself
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    potting soil for bedding?

    i have a 250 gallon outdoor screened enclosure. i have carpet padding as the bottom right now but over the winter it got some what decrepit and needs replacement. i was thinking i could lay down some chicken wire and cheese cloth, then potting soil and maybe plant something in there as well...
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    increase in food intake...

    my beardie is about a year and 3/4 old, she has always had a healthy apitite (when she chooses), as of late (past few weeks) ive noticed her eating a bit more than normal. not sure if around the 2 year mark they grow again or if she is just more active? she is currently eating the following...
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    does not want to be warm?

    for the past few days my beardie has been a bit off. she is still eating her favorite foods but not the foods i want her to eat >.< but appart from that she has been more lazy and also does not want to be near anything warm. if i place her in her tank or under basking lights, or on heat rocks...
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    discharge in eye, or shed?

    not sure if shed (dont think it is) but my beardie has had a bit of soft mucus type stuff along the very edge of her eye. its very soft and gelitan like, its not hard nor does it have any dense parts to it. at first i thought it might be a bit of shed that caused some watering? she dosnt have...
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    i just learned that my sindragosa loves raddish... i was eating a salad and she dove for the chunks and now this morning she came charging over to me to grab them from my bowel. anyone fed raddish to their beardies before?
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    gum color

    i have noticed the color of my beardies gums have been changing, what is "normal" color for teeth/gums for these guys?
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    muscle spasms?

    my beardie will have small spasms in her rear right leg. i see her sitting and can see her muscles under her skin flexing. same as i have experienced at times after working out with low electrolytes, has anyone else encountered this? ive been massaging her leg as that gelps when its happened to...
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    deep sleep?

    do your beardies ever not wake up when moving them? sindragosa will fall asleep on my arm at times and i can walk around the house with iut her waking up, she will also go to sleep on the floor and i can lift her up with out trying to be super careful (tail or head first as i wiggle my hand...
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    pin worms

    my beardie just had her annual check up and her fecal smear just came back today. she has a mild to moderate amount of pin worms. the vet said if she dosent seem to have any issue then perhaps we dont bother doing anything. what issues can pinworms cause, what is a normal level, what does hte...
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    do your beardies ever wake up wrong?

    today my beardie woke up just like she normally does, when the sun comes in and she crawls out of the blankets on the bed. but today she was very black and dark, she didnt move around at all and was quite stiff. she normally stretches and yawns but did none of this today. i tried getting her to...
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    odd 'prolapse?' a while back

    months ago (maybe 5\6 or so) i was sitting at home and my beardie was looking at her self in a mirror, she was wiggling her tail/bum, head bobbing a bit and had a small; semi black beard. then she got real ridged and looked very awkward, went full black beard. immediately after this a large red...
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