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  1. colbertf

    Enclosure hiding issues

    Posting to see if my setup might be an issue. Wondering if anyone has any comments why my 9 month male beardie Rowan will bask for about an 1 to 2 hours after he wakes up , then will go down to the floor, he will go down to the floor level and sit observing for 10-20 mins, sometimes poop, then...
  2. colbertf

    Considering rehoming - emotional health issues - Southern California

    It has taken a while to and it pains me to write this. I have a beautiful well cared for male 9 month old bearded dragon named Rowan. Rowan tested positive for Atadenovirus and Coccidia back in January, with a lot of routine cleaning using products from bug-de-lite, the coccidia has all cleared...
  3. colbertf

    For Free Forum shows empty - no postings

    Would anyone know why when I visit the For Free forum it's empty for me, like there's no postings, but when I search for particular terms I come across postings listed in the For Free section. This is what I see when I visit the For Free forum section.
  4. colbertf

    Weird mouth shutter behavior

    Hi everyone. Has anyone seen this before? My 9 month old male bearded dragon Rowan up on his basking spot opens his mouth to bask and gape often throughout the day, but for the past many weeks a majority of the time he'll open to gape and his mouth will rapidly vibrate closed really quickly...
  5. colbertf

    8 month male will only eat butter worms & hornworms

    Hi all, my 8 month old boy (adenovirus + ) used to eat roaches, crickets, bfsl, superworms, small mealworms, wasn't picky, he then stopped eating about 5 weeks ago, followed by a vet visit and was then treated with antibiotics and nebulizer for Upper Respiratory infection, plus syringe feeding...
  6. colbertf

    Asperate on veg?

    I decided a few days ago to stop the syringe feeding, and see if he will eventually eat veg and insects. He's been starting to go to his veg bowl slowly and slowly eating, one or two pieces of either baby arugula or parsley. Yesterday I held some parsley to him on the basking and he ate a small...
  7. colbertf

    Damaged scabby scale

    Hi, My little guy (8 months) has what looks like some kind of scab or damaged scale issue on the side of his mouth. Just this week he'd come out of a partial face shed. Here are some photos, I'm not sure if I might need to treat it in some way or just leave it?
  8. colbertf

    Solarmeter 6.5R meter on a Arcadia T8 12% D3+ bulb

    Hi all, I have a 7 to 9 month old male beardie, ADV+, has not been eating well but is improving, and we just finished medication treatment for URI. He basks daily, no issue there. But he's had a dark 'ish beard since I've got him back in late January. I've received some great and very helpful...
  9. colbertf

    Asperate question

    My boy is about 7 months old and diagnosed ADV+. Currently treating for URI, with Omnivore/Carnivore Care50/50, 1.0cc (Gentamicin) + 5.0cc (NaCl) via nebulizer twice a day, and Ceftazidime Injectable Antibiotic. It doesn't matter if I'm trying to hydrate him with a slurry drops on nose that he...
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