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    UVB Mounting question

    Folks, I currently have a 22” T5HO UVB light with fixture mounted inside the viv (64 gallon 48x18x18) and unsure if it's hitting the right spot if you will but not sure about my mesh screen allowing for that... should I.. 1. buy a longer fixture like a 36"? and/or 2. put it on top of the mesh...
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    To get in there or just chill out?

    Hello Folks, Question: Should I go ahead and start trying to pet my dragon in the enclosure no matter what? Background: I've had my now 3-month old beardie for about 3-ish weeks and working on hand taming. He has my shirt, which he usually sleeps on at night, and I hand-feed 1-3 of his meals...
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    New soon-to-be beardie mom - set up help

    Hello All, Excited to join the community! My dragon will hopefully be on his way next week as long as we stay away from low temps and winter storms. I am working on making sure that I have everything setup and working before his arrival and would appreciate input. I have two issues I am...
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