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    Bearded dragon genetics (for someone experienced in biology)?

    Hi, I'm not interested in breeding my dragon, but I am in college and want to learn more about dragon genetics. Anyone have more in-depth information or research on their genome/how their phenotypes are determined? More than just "this is dominant this is recessive, % chance of this or that."...
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    She ate a fire ant

    My dragon ate a fire ant I'm almost positive. I found a dead one outside her tank and prior, she had leaped down and ate something (I had not given her any food yet.) Please help, I can take her to the vet if need be. But I need to know if they are toxic to ingest and how worried I should be. I...
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    High calcium, low protein, dehydrated. (bloodwork)

    I took Genji to the vet and had bloodwork done. The vet called me and essentially said she has high calcium, low protein and is mildly dehydrated. He didn't think it was too serious, and she seems completely healthy otherwise. He considered she might even be gravid, but I have not seen her dig...
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