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    GNT Cancer

    Micah has recently been struggling to poop and there's been regular blood in his urate/stool. His vet ran bloodwork (I'll add the results at the end of this post) and it came back with high glucose levels. She suspects GNT. I'm considering getting an ultrasound to confirm, but Micah's current...
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    Mother I Must RUN (Post-Brumation Zoomies)

    So Micah finally shook off his first brumation cobwebs about two weeks ago and has decided that it is time for adventure. Let me start by saying I am not a morning person. Micah, apparently, is. Or, well. A morning dragon, I guess. Without fail sometime between 8AM and 10AM, I am awoken to...
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    Arcadia 12% vs. 14% in 2' Enclosure

    I've got a 4x2x2 enclosure with the 34" 12% bulb inside the enclosure. Currently Micah's basking spot is mounted at about 12-14" below the UVB, in line with the recommended distance for that bulb as far as I know. I honestly wouldn't even consider getting the 14% since I've had no issues with...
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    Basking Bulb Won't Last

    I've had Micah for abooout 8 months now, and I've gone through probably just as many bulbs for his basking spot. I'd like to write it off as a bad brand except for the fact I've used at least 3 different brands so far. When I first set up his enclosure, before I even got Micah, I had a Zoo Med...
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    New Beardie Owner Concerns

    First post, bear with me. I just bought a new beardie from Petco on Monday. First-time owner. They're (sex TBD) about 8" so I'm guessing 2-ish months. Over the past couple of days, they haven't been eating very much. I got them to eat about 5 crickets over the course of an hour yesterday, and...
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