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    Possible life threatening- Impaction????

    Hello everyone, I am super concerned about my dragon. I left out of town and had a person taking care of him. She did a great job previously, however this time, she decided to feed him only big dubias because that’s all he wanted to eat. So instead of using the dubias I had prepared she took...
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    Normal ear or problem?

    He is behaving normal no balance issues or head tilt. I don’t know what normal should be but is he ok??
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    Rehoming ??

    I have been going through some health issues and very much overwhelmed. I love my dragon but he gets very little time from me other than being fed daily and he really deserves more. I have been keeping him healthy but he doesn’t get much interaction. I am not able to handle him much and have...
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    Eating less-worried

    Hi there, my dragon is about 9 months old now and the last couple weeks he has been eating much less. I used to be able to feed him 4-6 subadult/adult dubia a day. In trying to keep my colony going I had to switch him crickets temporarily (which he ate) and then back to smaller ones 1/2” or so...
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    Socializing 6 mo old beardie

    Please help me on this. We got our Beardie at 4 weeks old. Due to several factors we had been unable to do much handling- if at all. Now we are trying it out again and he really doesn’t want to held or touched. It is near impossible to pick him up. Is there a good progression to follow? Should...
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    Is this normal??

    My Beardie is about 6 months old, he is starting to eat more greens. I sometimes give him mealworms but he mostly eats dubias and loves them. He has a great appetite. Is this poop normal?? This is the first in a long time I was there to see him poop and it was fresh. Most times I see it after it...
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    safe hammocks

    I just found information on this subject and tried to delete my post but I haven’t figured out how to do that yet. I’m sorry to everyone who opens this looking to help me out about hammocks.
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    Out of town- lights issue

    So I was trying to go to my moms tonight to help out with something and return tomorrow. ( Everyone has Covid opinions and I respect them all, this is just a question regarding the lights for the dragon.) My husband leaves for work at 5:30 am and I usually turn off the dragons night time heat...
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    Normal beardie growth or getting fat?

    Hi! My dragon is about 17 weeks. I am so happy he growing and doing well,however I have no experience and am getting concerned if his size and thickness is normal. He looks like a smooshed pancake and then other times a puffy slightly more narrow pancake. Is this healthy or normal? I started...
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    securing branches-enriching environment

    My 14 week old beardie is doing well. I have been trying to make the tank a more enriching environment. I have 2 driftwood pieces that I wedge into a large rock. The rock is taking up too much space and I want to rearrange the driftwood. Any suggestions on how to secure the ends of the wood on...
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    Lights out 2 hours early??ok??

    I won’t be home at my usual lights out time and I do not have a timer. Turning the lights off 2 hours early for only 1 day should be ok?? I won’t be back until a few hours after lights out and I don’t think leaving them on that long would be good. I’m thinking this might be the equivalent of an...
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    Tail bands sudden change-Is this bad?

    This morning my 2 month old beardie’s tail bands are normally gray (the lightest part) and this morning they look closer to white. I just turned on his lights not long ago so I plan to go and check again after he warms up. Is this something to be concerned about? He just shed Oct 10-17 so I...
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    Poop issue-bath-humidity-need help please

    My dragon, Chocolate, usually poops every day, every other day or at the latest on day 3. He/She just turned 2 months old. I am on day 4. Chocolate is still eating normal from all I gather. He eats crickets because that is all he wants to or will eat. I gut load and hydrate the crickets to give...
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    Altering Feeding for Baby?

    My almost 6 week old baby beardie is absolutely not interested in eating in the morning. After some time I realized that until he poops, he does not want to eat. Which makes sense, I guess, because there is no where for the food to go yet in that tiny body. So is it ok to wait until I see that...
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    Arcadia 50w projector and Zoo Med Dome - fit ok??

    Does anyone happen to know if you can use a Zoo Med Dimmable Clamp Lamp with Dimmer Switch (8.5") with a 50w Arcadia deep heat projector bulb? I can't seem to find the size dimentions of the bulb to know if it will fit inside that dome. I am pretty sure the two are compatible. Any suggestions?
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    Lighting and Not Eating Greens

    Hello, we are on day 3 with baby beardie and a couple things are concerning me but maybe it’s no big deal. I’d like to know what you think. I have a hide in the enclosure that he never uses. But he has started to bask on a lower “branch” under the driftwood piece I have leading to his hammock...
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    Did I over feed baby Beardie?

    This was our first day with our 4 week old. The breeder said to feed twice a day. AM with crickets and PM salad. I couldn’t get a hold of him on how many to feed it. So I remembered something like as many as they want in 10-15 min. So we counted 19 in the bag, dusted them and put them in. The...
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    Heat projector question

    Can anyone tell me if you can use a zoomed or exoterra double dome fixture (like this one for a 50 or 60watt Arcadia heat projector? Or do I need a special fixture? I can't find clear information on this. Also, when using a Che or...
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    Baby Beardie Basking issue

    Hello, We just got our baby today and I told Breeder I wanted to wait til 6 weeks old. So we set the date for pick up today. I find out it’s only 4 weeks old. How high should it’s basking area be from the floor? Right now, looking at this guy, I don’t think he can climb to where I have it. I...
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    New Beardie Tank Set-up Question

    Hello Everyone, My family and I are new to beardies and about to get our first one in a few days. I have done lots of research but I have several questions. We have a 40 gal tank with ceramic tile flooring. I have a high "branch" like climbing structure under my basking light (100W) at a...
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