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    What will you do if you were in my place

    Hello all I got a beardy I got back in March she's been sick the whole time except for 2 months from March to Sept only time she was thriving was May and June took the dragon to the vet was diagnosed with coccidia and pinworms gave the antibiotics the last 2 times he pooped been normal he...
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    can't figure out my beardie

    my beardie was diagnosed with coccidia and she was very lethargic did not want to do anything including basking after 3 weeks of treatment hes levels are now manageable the last time she pooped about a week ago the feces seemed normal but my beardie still very lethargic and wont bask or eat on...
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    t8 light fixture question

    i like to hang this down about 5 inches down from the top of the enclosure made out of wood is there a bracket i can get at the hardware store im not to handy man inclined...
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    Suggestions for new platforms

    Hi fellow members I made this recently97755 2695768648 but is 46.5 long when I pick it up puts lot of stress on the platform I'm going to make it on 3 pieces what be easier for bearded dragons to climb the stair type of more of a ramp? this is going to be made with polystyrene I got the idea...
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    found worms in my dubia bins

    97755 5383977415 found a ton of this they look like mealworms are the maggots/fruit flies? i don't have any flies in my house probably got them from the store?i clean most of them out i also found out they like to hide in the cardboard spaces i put in between the egg crates i did not do that...
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    sharing my polystyrene basking platform

    hey im building this for the first time based on the beautiful dragons website and i followed lizard landscapes advice here is what im working on 97755 2695768648i made a couple mistakes i might remake this after i finish this i used sanded grout which...
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    Repticon in DFW
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    need some help please.

    my beardie Luna is being sick for a month now something in her Digestive trac shes been anorexic and lethargic not looking like shes going to die as of yet.I had a good talk with the vet and he says he really does not know whats wrong with her when he did the fecal he looked for eggs but today...
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    medications that need to be refrigerated

    im giving my beardie acidophilus it needs to be in the fridge my fridge runs 35 to 40 degrees i been taking it out for 20 min to warm up a bit and giving it is that ok? or whats the best way? as far as i know the bacteria in the probiotics needs to be chilled so it wont grow till it reaches the...
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    anyone have experienced this?

    my beardie was really sick going on 4 weeks now he had some kind of parasites and/or infection on the belly my best guess the infection was not 100 percent cured when he was first sick back in march he was already sick when i bought him,anyways hes much better now i still have 5 more syringes of...
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    need some help advice

    2 weeks ago i built a new enclosure for my beardie just trying to give my dragon a nice enclosure hes been with lack of appetite,sleeping a lot and not been himself a fellow member told me that it might be the enclosure this is the 2 materials i used...
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    caulking and adhesive i used to build my enclosure

    Since i put my beardie in the new enclosure hes been sleeping a lot not eating for the caulking i used DAP acrylic latex caulk and to secure the rails for the sliding doors i used liquid nails sub floor according to the website liquid nails products when they dry is non toxic also i couldn't...
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    need some input help on my beardies behaviour

    this will fall in behaviour/enclosures im sure tomorrow be a week since my beardie is been on the new enclosure i am sure hes very used to it he never uses its hide and she sleeps in diferent parts of the enclosure every night ever since shes got in this new enclosure has not been basking...
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    one thing i learned about my beardie

    when i set the basking temp i need to check the temp of the dragon he likes it when hes 98 to 100 but no more then that it took me a while to figure it out so the basking temp on the actual basking platform is going to be 94 to 96 hopefully this helps someone.
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    Beardie gone lazy at 6 months

    this is the 4th Day in the new enclosure and i had to put this log which it seems is hes fav so it could be easier for her to climb what is going to happen when he really gets old lol every morning she was at the bottom until i put her on top.
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    mealworms vs superworms

    hey guys this topic is been discussed many times on this forums and the comments are now locked so i want to start a new topic lot of people say mealworms have more chitin then superworms but not according to flukers is the other way around here is the link i just ordered 250 mealworms to have...
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    Does anyone have any experience with basking bulbs

    Hi guys im about to test diferent bulbs and wattages i was just wondering if a 100 watt zoomed basking bulb is more intense then a 100 watt regular flood light?the problem im having is on the hot end of the enclosure is 94 and the temps on hes branch are 95 to 103 so my beardie basks half a day...
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    open to suggestions for basking bulb

    hi guys i just finished this enclosure 48x24x23.5 all is left is put the melamine tape i got a good basking temp with the zoo med 100 watt basking bulb but should i go with the powersun? i got a t5 5.0 and a 10.0 i could just leave the 5.0 in there and wont do any harm as far as the uvb if i go...
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    need some input on t5 or t8 5.0 or 10.0

    hello all i just build a 48x24x23.5 i messed up on the cutting lol this is going to depend on basking temps i bought a 36 inch t5 ho fixture but is really 34 inches it came with a 5.0 but i also have 10.0 i was going to put it inside the enclosure but with this table i'm thinking twice about...
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    Is it safe to use melamine wood for basking area

    I like to make my beardie a basking platform i got melamine can i safely use that for the top?
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