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    HippieLizards1's Legacy Uploads

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    account suddenly "inactive"

    Ok, thank you so much!! I greatly appreciate the help, I’ll try logging into my main now.
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    account suddenly "inactive"

    Pm Sent, thank you!
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    Possible prolapse? Help please!

    So I took My dragon Mulder out to give him a bath after his meal (was feeding him blackberries and collards and he got some on his face) and to help loosen up shed as he is finally shedding for the first time in the entire year we’ve had him. Anyways I noticed his vent looked a bit odd when he...
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    account suddenly "inactive"

    I am having the exact same issue as well. Perhaps it’s some sort of bug?
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    My main account has been marked inactive? Locked out of main

    Hello all, I have been locked out My main account that I have been using for over 3 years after I got a new email and tried to update my account info to the new email, I did all the necessary steps needed but I never got a reactivation email and I have been locked out of my account ever since...
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