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    Eye issue

    We got the bulb, but the fixture was delayed, but coming today. So should I turn off the uvb coil today and he can go without until our fixture comes in? If the sun comes out today I can sit with him for a bit to get natural uvb if that would help. This is his eye when it is swollen and closed...
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    Eye issue

    I have a T5 coming today, but the petstore sold us a coil. That is what he has until the t5 ho 10.0 gets says delivery today so I am hoping to get it set up as soon as we get it! I can't figure out how to post a picture(I'm using a smart phone), the eye when he has it open looks fine...
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    Eye issue

    We purchased my juvenile dragon and 12 days later he developed a swollen, goopy eye. Took him back and they gave him antibiotics and eye balm. We were able to pick him up because they said it was better. Day 1 of being back home and it looks just like it did before. They said it might just be a...
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