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    scale rot???

    Hi i know that there have been many people asking this but no post seems to match toms description. lately ONCE IN A WHILE a small scale will fall off of tom :/ she is eating normally pooping normally, she is as active as ever and everything is fine... she doesn't seem to be in any sort of pain...
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    HELLO so i have about a 3 1/2 foot long ball python and all of a sudden he bacame very aggravated, hissing, and getting all pissed off. heres my issue: i want to change his water dish because he pooped in it... but when i take his lid off he literally hisses so loud it scares you. i cant...
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    just wanted opinions on toms new setup. its a 50 gallon cage with walnut substrate (she is adult so i think its ok plus she never ingests it.) currently you cant see tom in the photo i am about to show but she is exploring the plants in the back :P also sorry for the camera quality the ubv light...
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    hey all, just wondering if my dragon can eat flowers and dandylions (the actual yellow part) because i had tom out today in the yard (it was like 74 degrees Fahrenheit) and she started to eat some dandylion heads and some common yard flowers (little yellow ones seen em before?) is this ok? i am...
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    now i think its parasites

    Hi as some of you know i posted about a worm looking thing on my dragons poo. well now i woke up this morning to find a good part of my floor lined with white dots about the size of your thumb. its probably dragon diarrhea :angry5:. correct me if i am wrong dragon poop water is practically...
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    Hello, so just today i noticed right after tom took a big poo she basically poo'd out water with a bit of urates but connected to the urates was a stringy thing which looked like a worm, it wasnt moving and the poo didnt smell at all. is this something i should be worried about? she only goes...
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    sudden burst of energy?

    hello, my bearded dragon is an adult around 2 years old and for the past 2 weeks she constantly wants to be handled and taken out. is this normal? i mean, she literally runs back and fourth though she isn't glass surfing. oh, and when i do take her out she likes to explore and run about the...
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    my bearded dragon :)

    hi everyone so i havent really done a proper introduction of my dragon and me (i dont like using my name online so i am not gonna give any REALLY personal info) so i am a reptile lover obviously a beardie addict lol i have a ball python (lemon pastel morph) an asian forest scorpion a betta fish...
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    breeding feeders?

    so i was thinking about breeding crix because buying them can add up to quit a bit of money so... i tried breeding crickets before but they all died and no eggs were laid (it was that or the baby crix didnt hatch) and i was wondering if anyone could give me tips on this? thanks!
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    cool hide ideas?

    so as some of you know i have an adult bearded dragon and would like some creative ideas :) there was a water dish in her habitat it was quite large so i took it out. but now it looks like a a lot of extra space. and tom has always likes tunnels to go through and explore, i was thinking of...
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    do adult beardies shed?

    The title says it all. do adult beardies shed? or do they stop after a while? just wondering because my dragon hasn't shed in almost a year.
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    too much water?

    ok to my bearded dragon tom loves water like A LOT so she gets plenty of baths and she does this swimming thing where she puts her whole head in the water and swims like a fish... anyways she grew out of her cage. and decided that since she likes water so much i would put in/on her habitat. tom...
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    TOM! hopefully i did this right. but anyways those links should lead to a picture of my bearded dragon tom. she is around 3 years old and happy lol i have had her since she was a hatchling. she is my first beardie :D
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    thought i'd introduce my beardie but one problem.

    OK, so i want to introduce my beardie BUT can someone please tell me how to attach photos to a post? :blob8: thanks!
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    hi, sorry if this is the wrong place to post this I am new here and have a question that I would like to be answered as soon as possible. ok so I have about a two year old Bearded dragon (tom) she is female and wont eat salad at all she used to all the time but now she wont eat any. just...
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