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    UVB Placement

    So I am in a FB group and posted this pic. I was told that my UVB light was too close. It's 13" from the basking spot to the top of the cage. The light is attached to the back, so I'd say it's probably 14-15". It's a ReptiSun T5 HO 10.0 and was told that it needs to be 20" away if it's in the...
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    Hello from Blue!

    Finally got around to posting this introduction. Meet Blue! Named Blue because of the color marker the breeder used. Picked "him" up on the 15th of last month. Settling in pretty good I think. Was on BSFL at first while my Dubia colony was worked on. Just moved him to the Dubia this week and...
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    Ready for the new arrival

    New baby should be here in a week or so. His/her new home is just about ready. Cool side temp gets to 75 at night and during the day its about 81-85. I'm awaiting a 50w halogen to try for the spot as the 60w I have is too powerful and getting it to temp means dimming a lot. Then I need to raise...
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    Lighting and Heating Help

    I am in the process of setting up a new home for a baby that I will be getting in a week or so along with a bin for a Dubia colony. I live in WI and everything with be in the basement along with all of the other reptiles. My main concern right now is in regards to the UVB rays and their effects...
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    Beneficial to start a Dubia colony for one dragon?

    I will be getting a baby in a couple weeks once they are good to be released. He/she is currently the size of an adults pinky finger minus tail. I have noticed that "bugs" are a bit hard to find locally unless I want the stick with crickets. I have been looking at a few sites for feeders. I'm...
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    Purchasing New Beardie and need advice

    Hi All, My name is Shawn. I had a beardie years ago but was forced to part with him when I moved to WI. I am looking to get a new baby from a local breeder but they will not be ready for a few weeks. In the meantime I am going to be getting the cage setup. Below is a list of items that I plan on...
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